Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 1156 - Christmas Preparation

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas

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Derek and the kids put the lights on our house Sunday night which had me freaking out when all three were on the roof.  I had asked them to please wear their bicycle helmets in case of a fall but for some reason they didn't take me seriously.  Ambulance-visions aside they did a great job securing the star onto the peak of the house.

We don't go overboard with the lights. We'd like to but the investment is too great, so its just a few strands of lights here, some lights wound around a pole there, a Santa on the wall over here and a star on the roof up there.  I'd take a picture to show you but it's really not that picture worthy.  The overall effect is embarrassingly dim compared to the effort it takes to get the lights up. When we go out onto the street and stare at the house admiringly we think we're quite fabulous (and the little girl across the road thinks it's magic) but then when I photograph it, the photographic version looks incredibly piss-weak.

Having said that our lounge room comes up quite well at Christmas time.  We have an open fire and a mantel piece which looks very festive with the holly, Christmas stocking and reindeers.  And with a seven foot Christmas tree reaching up to our exposed beams the whole effect looks very traditional.  We haven't done this bits and pieces yet. We're planning to do that tonight if I have the energy.

Yeah, it's starting to look a lot like Christmas at our place. Which means I'd better get the bloody shopping done.  Santa is going to be here before we know it ....


  1. Not for a few years, but we did at our house in Broken Hill one year. But when it came to taking them down, Hubby just ripped them all down without carefully removing the staples first. So they were all ruined.

    Here, we live on 23 acres on a hill that is very secluded. We'd do it for the boys, but they are always asleep when it's dark. (doesnt get dark until 9pm and even later as summer progresses)

  2. We are a battle axe house so I don't bother decorating the house as it can't be seen from the street. That is quite disappointing to Girl Child. However, the neighbours in front of us have gone all out so we can revel in their Christmas Spirit.

  3. my parents used to decorate the outside of their home in extravagance!
    it has been a long time since that has happened
    now their new neighbours have put up a few little outdoor decorations and the boys think it is amazing!
    i wonder if it will spark the re-birth of my parents decorations??
    congrats on surviving the roof situation ;)

  4. We do some fairy lights round the courtyard but that's about it, as we're in an apartment block. Even so, the loungeroom is Christmassed-up big time. One of our big Chrissie highlights is driving the Small Child around to look at the lit up houses :)

  5. I used to live in one of those streets that people come from far and wide to view the amazing light display on every house, except mine. I like them on other people's houses, but not mine for some reason. This year I have relented with ONE strand of lights around the front door, but that is it. Maybe I have broken the seal and next year I will go fully Griswald? :)

  6. I love Christmas lights, but for reason I never put them up, maybe this year I will. Team #ibot.

  7. Only 3 more weeks!
    My light effort sounds alot the same. I thought it was pretty awesome untill my neighbours turned theres on and put mine to shame lol.
    Im sure your lights look good.

  8. I'm yet to do anything 'Christmassy' to/in my house... You see, my (late) wife's birthday is the 11th, and we never EVER put anything up until after that date. Since she died 3 years ago, I have really continued that 'tradition'... So, it wont be until NEXT weekend until stuff goes up for me!!

  9. After watching the Christmas Lights Extravaganza on Lifestyle channel last night I have requested a Chevy Chase style Griswold home for next year. It has to come with electricians and invisible electrical cords though and it has to be free.

    Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Bernie - I will be thinking about you and your family on the 11th. Hope the Sustainability award went well.


  10. Our token effort at Christmas lights is a strand of coloured fairy lights along the front roofline. It's still pretty without going overboard.

    This year we also got some white fairy lights and hung them around the patio ceiling out the back ... they look so good I think we might just leave them up year round!

  11. I love our yearly tradition of going for a drive to look at the Christmas lights. We live in a first floor unit, so can't really put up lights other than a strand on our balcony.
    I bet yours look great :-)
    I would've loved to see them all on the roof in their bicycle helmets, hmm I wonder why they wouldn't wear them? Hehe

  12. I really must map out a day and a route to visit the lights of the ACT. Yes, will get onto that ..
    Thanks for visiting everyone!
    Leanne x x x


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