Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 1157 - All I want for Christmas

If you could have anything in the world for Christmas, what would it be? 

I have been handed the baton from Jess at Essentially Jess to list my five ultimate Christmas gifts. I have chosen to list five things I would choose if Christmas really was as magical as legend suggests.  If I could have ANYTHING what would it be?

To be honest, I actually don't want anything for Christmas (except for perhaps a new skin care range). I already have all I need and want as far as possessions are concerned.  I am very grateful to be living a life of  comfort.  But if I could have anything ... anything at all ... I would aim big and take it to the next level.

So, to get this going I am going to divide mine up into five categories:

  • Deep Fried Fruit (that's middle-aged me)
  • For the Home
  • For social good
  • Family experiences
  • For business

Deep Fried Fruit - magic wand surgery

I am far too chicken to actually undergo any sort of nip tuck (and I'm not sure I trust Julian McMahon ever since he dumped Dannii), but if I could make it happen magically I would want to get rid of my neck curtains (those pesky creases that keep running horizontally across my neck with permanent lines forming in the folds); my mummy tummy which, no matter what I do, won't disappear no matter how much weight I lose giving me a type of elephantitis type sag of the waist; and a bum lift so that my arse doesn't get lost in my clothes making it look like my jeans are bagging at mid thigh level.
Image Source
This is not me but it very well could be. Very similar before tummy and I have both pairs of those undies!

For the home - the house of Christmas bling

Yesterday I wrote about our annual attempt at creating a Christmas glow around our home. Ever since I had a Christmas in the USA in 1996 I've wanted to find my inner Griswold and give Chevy Chase a run for his money.  Last night Tahlia and I sat up and watched the "Christmas Lights Spectacular" on the Lifestyle Channel (hosted by Matthew Hayden) which really did put our lighting efforts to shame. We were in awe of the work many Aussies now put into dressing their homes during the Festive Season.  But I was also in shock at the money they spend, the time that goes into it, and the number of 30-plug industrial size power boards that are required to create this type of Christmas magic. So for Christmas I would like Chevy Chase lights and a team of people to magically put them there, remove them, hide all the plugs (I hate seeing power cords), and pay the power bill.

Image Credit
The Griswold home

For Social Good - A life of safety for all 

I wish I could create a world that is safe and loving for everyone. In all aspects of their lives. But for this Christmas wish list I am going to stick to one issue in particular. Sex crimes. I am absolutely floored at the number of sex crimes against women and children in Australia and the severity of them worldwide.  A few years ago you will recall I wrote about the book "Half the Sky - How to Change the World" which was a call to arms against the most shocking and widespread human rights violation of our age.  It was essentially about the struggle for equality for women and their daughters around the world (particularly in poorer less developed regions of Africa and Asia).  Much of it was about sexual slavery. My Christmas wish goes beyond that to include sex crimes generally.  If I could wish one thing for the world it would be and end to sexual abuse everywhere so that people could feel safe to live in love and peace.  And then perhaps we could start working on some of the other stuff ...

Image Credit
A safe and loving home life

Family Experiences - Unlimited Travel

We are the family that spends all their extra money on travel (and then some). We holiday at least once a year, sometimes twice, sometimes three times.  That's why our mortgage isn't getting paid off as quick as it could be. It's just how we roll.  We put a fairly large emphasis on family experiences and if I could have anything for Christmas it would be a pot of unlimited holiday money for global travel.  At the moment I find it hard to talk my husband into going somewhere NEW. We always seem to return to the usual places because we already know we like it.  But I would like global travel to help us really see the world.  Ideally it would involve three trips a year - one to somewhere new within Australia, one to somewhere new overseas, and one to ensure we had an annual trip to Pennsylvania to see our mates over there.  I'm not being too selfish am I?

Image Source
Great Barrier Reef
Image Source
The Greek Islands

Image Source
The Mountain Laural - PA's state flower
For Business - a magically silent investor

You know how badly I want this Cheer Chick Charlie business to succeed, and you know how passionate I am about helping children with their confidence (which is why I want Charlie to succeed).  I truly want to help as many kids in the world as possible believe in their own power. But to do that I require more money than I am willing to take from the family.  Me pursuing this business venture above all else is putting a strain on the family finances as I am not earning an income - all money generated in all areas of my business life is going into the Charlie project.  So I would love for some sort of angel investor to come along and help pay for the print runs on books (including a reprint in US English), product development and PR so that we can take Charlie to the world. 

Ok, so that's it. That's my "if I could have anything what five things would I ask for" Christmas list.  It's incredibly extravagant, and not the least bit feasible, but in a world of Christmas Magic anything is possible.

Now that I've put it out there (I hope the elves are reading ... and possibly the money fairy ... and maybe even Oprah for that last one) it's time for me to choose five bloggers to give us their top five things they'd like for Christmas.  You can be as real or as dream-like as you wish with your list. I am going to choose the bloggers at random.  Peeps who took part in IBOT yesterday and whose pictures or post name I was attracted to. And they are:


  1. Leanne, I love your list. I really hope you can make your business a success, it sounds like a wonderful initiative for kids. I really wish I could help you out in finding a magical silent investor! Thanks for the tag, too - I am off to think about what I would wish for right now!

  2. Ooh, I am liking your list! I too, hope that an investor reads your wish list :)

    Thanks for the tag, I am just about to sit down and ponder my wish list!

    Loz x

  3. Sex crimes are heinous! I've been racing about human trafficking and it is such an awful thing. You know we have more slaves at this time in whorl history, than we have ever had before? Isn't that awful?

  4. Unlimited Travel - you just can't go past travel, everytime....

  5. Travel - I totally concur. I'd love to teach the girls that the world doesn't revolve around Australia. So that'd be what I want for Christmas - travel.
    And someone to look after the farm while we're gone, so it's still here when we get back!

  6. Travel - do I have to take the kids??? Nice list!

  7. Excellent list, I too would love everything on your list. Nice work!

  8. Unlimited travel - how cool would that be. I have a saggy tummy too :(

  9. Great list. Thanks for tagging me in. Now to think about my list...

  10. A safe and loving world for all. I guess that would be the ultimate Christmas wish xx

  11. What a great list. Visiting from FYBF xx

  12. I hadn't thought of that, but there are a few areas Id like to get fixed up on my body. Oh well.. next Christmas!

    I would love to be assured that my boys will always be safe as they start to use the computers more.

  13. Unlimited travel! Yes!
    Wishing you much success in the new year for Cheer Chick Charlie. You never know about that investor! :) x

  14. It seems the big winner is unlimited travel. Thanks for visiting everyone! Lovely to see you all.
    Leanne x x x


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