Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 1158 - Author Interview

Well that's a nice surprise!
Little Angel Author Interview - Leanne Shea Langdown
I got an email on Monday to advise my author interview (done back in July) is in the current issue of Australia's Little Angel Magazine.  That's cool!

 If you've got littlies check out Little Angel magazine which is aimed at 5-8 year olds.  Every issue comes with a free gift, mini posters, stuff to make, stuff to bake, stories, and more, and at $5.95 that's a bit of a bargain. In the current issue I'm mixing it with peeps like Hello Kitty, One Direction, Moshi Monsters and Taylor Swift.  Woo hoo!

Thank you Little Angel magazine. You rock!

Little Angel Magazine - January 2013 Issue

Little Angel Magazine - January 2013 Issue
Author interview with Leanne Shea Langdown


  1. That is awesome congratulations! I was interviewed back in October and still have not been published so your July interview has given me hope again :)

  2. Thanks Michelle! Yes, sometimes you've just got to wait ... and wait ... and wait ...
    Look forward to hearing about your interview.
    Leanne x x x


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