Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 1160 - Light a Candle

This Sunday light a candle for all the children who have died

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I was cruising the blogosphere this morning visiting the lovely people who have commented on my blog in the past week.  During my wander I knocked on the door of Cooker and a Looker and found this post about the Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting to support those who keep the memories alight of their beautiful children who have passed before them.

Amanda's post over at Cooker and a Looker was about remembering her own loss, the grief she still feels, and the bond she shares with others who have lost loved ones.

I for one can not imagine losing a child.  The thought literally chills me to the bone, makes my heart grow heavy and crushes my soul. I feel nauseous.

This post comes during the week we farewell Daniel Morcombe nine years after he went to buy Christmas gifts and never came home.  A story that hit Australian's so hard many of us were left winded and gasping for breath at the reality of the world we live in. If this is how we felt, I cannot fathom the extreme pain the parents have had to endure in their souls. Last year they finally found his body.Thirteen year old Daniel could now be put to rest.

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Image Source
Daniel was wearing a red t-shirt the day he disappeared.  It was the picture of smiling boy with twinkling eyes that greeted us on the news each day as the search for Daniel continued, and it was the call to arms of anyone driving that road that day to try and recall a young boy in red.  Nine years after he disappeared (to the day) people were encouraged to wear a little piece of red. Red is the colour the Daniel Morcombe Foundation created to raise awareness of child safety. Red is the colour of the week.

This Sunday is Worldwide Candle Lighting to support those who have lost a child.  Perhaps we could all light a candle, with a red ribbon around it, as a sign of support, hope, celebration and gratitude.

Today I am extremely grateful that my own children are safe and by my side. Today I will hold their hands as we go about our travels.  And tomorrow I will light that candle ...

Linking up to 52 weeks of gratitude with Maxabella over at Village Voices at Kidspot.


  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word Leanne.

  2. This week has made me feel so grateful for my family being safe with me at home. I've been thinking of families dealing with loss. I hope candles will be lit Australia wide.

  3. You're welcome Cooker Looker! It's a message well worth spreading.
    Thanks Maxabella.
    Hi E! Yes, ditto here.
    Leanne x x x


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