Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 1161 - The weekend that was

This post comes very late today because it has been a weekend full of fun activities.  

Sirens Cheerleaders, ACT
What a jam packed weekend! First of all today was Sirens Cheerleaders end of year concert and I was not only there as a parent and mentor, but also as an athlete! Yesiree, I performed for the first time today as a member of the parents squad.  I'm hooked! I'm definitely ready for more ...

I've also spent much of the morning getting my trademarks registered in the USA because Charlie is being pushed through the US cheer community at a great rate of knots at the moment.  It seems someone may be "copying" Charlie, or at least trying to create something similar (with the same name), and given we've had an online presence a lot longer than the new cheering Charlie (yes, we were definitely out first) I've got a few big supporters in America who would like to introduce me more fully.  So it's go, go, go in that regard.  We're definitely letting our presence be felt ..

Image Source
In other weekly news, I have to tell you that my liquid diet went out the window about five hours after it started. I have not been able to maintain it at all.  The silly season brings with it far too many chunky food options.  If it's not pizza, then it's burritos, or sausage sandwiches, meat pies or chips (fries).  So let's just let that whole diet idea die a slow death and we'll deal with it in the new year.

Yesterday I managed to just about FINISH my Christmas shopping which was a huge win for me.  I've only got a couple of  bits and pieces left which is fabulous.  As a family we also got the tree decorated as well as the mantel piece and other little areas of the house.  Yay!

Our Christmas Mantel Piece
(C) Deep Fried Fruit

Trimming the tree - a Family effort
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
Yesterday was also the Sirens Christmas party, as well as tutoring for Tahlia and a playdate for Darby.  Derek and I have spent much of the weekend in "divide and conquer" mentality with me doing the cheerleading, shopping and girly date thing (Tahlia and her friends went to the movies yesterday) and Derek doing the soccer, taking the kids to the pool and entertaining Darby and his mate. It has worked well.  We even managed to sit down by ourselves last night and have a date of our own ... albeit a stay-at-home date with a really pathetic DVD to watch .... but it was still a date.

So yeah, we got a lot done this weekend and now I feel the need to drink a margarita.  I really don't feel like cooking dinner that's for sure. Perhaps I will give that liquid diet a whirl again ...

Image Credit
Oh, and as per my post of yesterday, don't forget Worldwide Light a Candle Day to support parents who have lost a child. That actually includes my husband who lost his first baby (with his ex-wife) to cot death. Natasha was born two years before Chelsea and will always be remembered. My candle is burning in the kitchen next to these glorious flowers my husband picked from our garden.

Worldwide Light a Candle Day
(C) Deep Fried Fruit

Oh, and one more thing (brain drain) ... I got this fabulous bunch of flowers from Sirens Cheerleaders for the work I've done for them this year. Yay for me! Aren't they gorgeous!!! The dog in the background ain't bad either (hello Max)

A gorgeous Deep Fried surprise - thanks Sirens
(C) Deep Fried Fruit


  1. So many great things going on right now, Leanne!

    Hope you get a bit of a rest tonight before the week ahead.

    SSG xxx

  2. Hi lovely SSG.

    I hope you are well rested too with that precious load you are carrying.

    Leanne x x x

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