Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 1163 - The Colour of Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, are you traditional or modern?

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I am a Christmas traditionalist all the way.  It's a baked lunch, bon bons, Santa hat and red and green decorations that make me feel complete at this time of year.

When you head to the decorations section of any store in Australia these days you have a huge selection of colours to choose from.  You can go with your traditional gold, green and red.

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Or you can have a more modern look with pinks, purples, silver or blue.

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When it comes to trees you can go for real or artificial.  For artificial trees you can choose green, or even white, black, silver or pink.

When it comes to dressing your tree you can go with shopping centre/display home perfection.

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Or you can use every little bit of tinsel, bauble, gifted and child made dangle you've ever been given.

The "Deep Fried" Christmas tree - an assortment of hand made, gifted and store bought decorations
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
When it comes to lunch you can slave, sweat and scream in the Aussie heat over an oven and have the traditional mixture of roasts beef, turkey, lamb, and pork with all the trimmings.

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Or you can be more in keeping with the Aussie summer and choose a selection of seafood, salads and cold meats.

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I am a Christmas traditionalist.  Colour my house in red, green and gold.  Feed me a hot roasted meal. Give me a green tree and a bunch of mismatched emotionally attached ornaments. I wish I could convert to a more up-to-date Aussie summer version, but this traditional one is too deeply embedded in my soul.

What Christmas colours are you? 


  1. we have that exact star you have on your xmas tree! Must be a daycare standard....

  2. My tree is decorated in silver and blue, with a few craft reindeers thrown in.

    Our lunch is usually modern. Except I don't like seafood much!

  3. My mum uses every single item we made when we were kids for the christmas tree.. mixed in with her ornaments she has collected on her round the world trips over the years... so its a little bit of everything!

  4. We are actually a bit of both. Traditional mostly, but there is a bit of colour thrown in on the Xmas tree and a bit of seafood added to the usual suspects. The best of both worlds :)
    Becc via #ibot

  5. Over the last couple of years we haven't bothered setting up our Christmas tree, but only because we usually travel the 1600kms to the city to see our families.

    Next year, it's going up - a great big GREEN tree, with fairy lights, green tinsel, and red & gold baubles.

    I do love my traditional approach ;)

  6. I love the Christmas colours!
    When it comes to food, I'm fussy so I don't eat a lot, but we dont do the hot lunch in Darwin anyway. Christmas lunch for me is always salad and garlic bread. :)

  7. We have 2 trees - one decorated in blue and silver and nothing else is allowed to touch it. Then a smaller one that all the "other stuff" goes on - kindy decos, bits and bobs given to us or collected over the years. Then some red and gold balls strewed around the place in vases. It's a bit eclectic apparently! And we do a BBQ breakfast at the beach - our untraditional tradition. We do salads and cold meats with one side of the family tho.

  8. lol ours is a deep fried tree. I love my kids handmade deco's.
    Found you via IBOT :)

  9. I am a Christmas Traditionalist, too. I'm all for hot food and red and green.
    My mum used to do hot food on New Years Day if we hadn't been home for Christmas Day itself. Mr E. does the same although sometimes it's on Boxing Day.
    I want to know what happened to all the upside down Christmas trees that were all the rage a few years ago. Does anyone else remember them?

  10. I guess I would say traditional. LOTS of colored lights on the tree and decorations from years past...I still have the light up ceramic xmas tree that was my moms...Xmas Eve dinner is "Holy Night" (and I know you know all about that!) and than Xmas Day is always a hot meal consisting of ham/turkey/filling/green bean casserole/rolls/salad and dessert---usually my birthday cake!! And always wishing for that white xmas...

  11. Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love hearing about all the traditions and how some are the same as mine, and many are diverse and new. Love it!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. I'm a traditionalist too. It just doesn't feel like a proper Christmas lunch if we're not having one of Mum's roasts. I have had other things (salad and stuff) on the odd Christmas, but it's just not the same.
    And my tree looks very much like yours with all the hand made decorations, minus the tinsel, as our cat eats it! Crazy animal loves any type of plasticy stuff :)

    Visiting from #IBOT


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