Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 1164 - The 10 minute meal

I am busy. Yes, I am very very busy. Are you busy? 

The quickest meal ever
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
My mum put me onto this really easy chicken and noodle stir fry, and I've just added my own really easy chicken and sweet corn soup. This two course meal literally takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare.  All you need is a cooked chook ...

To ensure I have the ingredients always on hand I have chicken stock, canned creamed corn and rice noodles in the cupboard and frozen Asian vegetables in the freezer.  All I need then is left over roast chicken or to cruise via the shops and pick myself up a BBQ chook.

Ingredients from your cupboard/fridge
All you need is a cooked chook!
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
Just grab a cup of chicken stock, a cup of chopped roast chicken, and two cans of creamed corn and mix it all up in a saucepan.  It just needs to be heated through as everything is already cooked.

Chicken and Sweet corn soup, chicken and noodle stir-fry
Literally served within 10 minutes
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
Then pop 1/3 of a bag of Asian noodles into a wok or fry pan, throw in 2 cups of chopped roast chicken and half a cup of chicken stock.  Simmer it to enough to heat through the chicken and defrost the vegetables.  While that is happening boil the jug.  Grab a section of rice noodles and pour boiling water of the top. Let it sit for two minutes. Drain the noodles and mix them through your stir-fry.  Add whatever sauces you normally use in your Asian cooking (Oyster, Soy, sweet chili).  Done!

(C) Deep Fried Fruit
And that's it.  A two course meal made in a flash. I am always looking for cheats recipes and this one of the best.

I still find it weird that this non-foodie insists on sharing recipes ...

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