Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 1165 - Christmas Celebrations

With the end of the year comes many celebrations  ...

It's a deep fried celebration
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
And of course there are also the gifts.  As a coach I received these beautiful (and unexpected) gifts from the school cheer squad last night at our end of year cheerleading concert. It was our awards night and display especially for the parents, with another display being put on for the rest of the school and teachers on Friday.

In addition to that we had our Sirens Cheerleaders Christmas party and concert last weekend.  My husband has his work party tomorrow night and his ten pin bowling celebration next week.  My daughter has her school concert tomorrow.  My son has his Christmas community BBQ and sing-along tonight.  I have my coaches end-of-year meeting and drink session next week. Then we finish it all off with the annual big Langdown Christmas Bash on Saturday 22nd where this year's theme is Vintage Vegas (on account of our Vegas trip this year). No wonder this whole bloody diet caper isn't working ...

Then of course there are the extra thank-you presents you buy at the end of the year - over and above your family and friends. Much like my swag of gifts up above, I contributed money to seven coaches gifts for Tahlia's cheer squad, and have bought gifts for six of her teachers, and one of Darby's. I was boring and gave chocolates this year. I also gave Cheer Chick Charlie merchandise to my four Cheer Chicks for a great start to the Charlie You Tube channel.  I have my cleaner, nail technician, masseuse and beautician to think of.  I always feel that I want to give them a little something given I've been with them all year.  Sometimes it's a gift and sometimes it's a Christmas tip.

Am I going overboard?

What extra people do you buy for?

And how's your celebratory waist-line going?


  1. Yell yes you already pay those cleaners and beauticians they should be buying you a gift!
    I make my own xmas cards and think that is a gift in itself ... sometimes Ill slip a beautiful decoration in the envelope too. It may be small but people really do truly love it because its the thought and effort that it is homemade I think.
    Chocolates are always well received too :)

  2. That is a lovely idea Michelle. I like receiving hand made cards because I feel like some genuine effort and love has gone into them. A Christmas dangle is a great idea. Now if I could just find the time to be genuine and loving ...

  3. It can be overwhelming - buying for so many
    I write a rolling Christmas presents list - from one year to the next and the list only keeps getting longer!!
    I thought I was all done and dusted, only to need to do the mad dash this weekend for 6 extra presents!!
    Merry Christmas

  4. I'm big on the 'little gifts' I get them for cleaners, postmen, book groups, pretty much anyone I have regular chats with...I just like to. Still haven't got my husband's pressie tho...opps!

  5. Nah, it's once a year, and if it's not costing a fortune (getting small gifts) I don't see the problem at all.

    It's nice to feel appreciated.

    (and I love Christmas!)

  6. It's so hard, isn't it? I always have a heap of "extras" to buy for as well. My friend and I decided our generosity exceeded our bank balances which was why we found the shopping for these extras hard!

  7. I always end up going over budget with gifts: the little extras do add up. I have started making homemade food gifts this year for friends...we just don't have the budget to give gifts to everyone

  8. I think it's a very nice thing to do something nice at Christmas time if you can afford it. In my opinion, even if you've paid a person, if you really appreciate them, why not give them a little encouragment? We all appreciate the feeling of being valued, and that is what your gifts communicate. I like to give home made Christmas goodies to coaches and service providers such as the garbage man and the mailman.

  9. I think it's nice to give token presents to the people who 'work' for you. I think it's a tradition that goes back to feudel times. Things are differnt now of course :-)
    I have got presents for my girls swimming teachers, G's day care teachers and for the helpers at playgroup.

  10. Oh my goodness. The Garbage man and mail man! I forgot them! And the lady that always delivers my parcels to the front door! She's awesome. Mustn't forget her.
    Look at all you beautiful gift givers. That's fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs Leanne x o x o

  11. I love giving gifts to all those extra peeps in our life, but with 3 kids, and a team of 30 people working for me, it all starts to add up.
    These days I bake ginormous batches of rocky road, and bundle it up for most people and in a huge platter for my team and hand it out with homemade photo Christmas cards. It makes me feel like I am showing my appreciation without breaking the bank


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