Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 1167 - When an ass is actually a donkey

There is one thing I know for sure, it's hard to teach kids the complexities of the English language ...

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Today I am grateful for tutoring, rolling on the floor laughter, innocence, donkeys and a car that virtually drives itself.

This morning I went to pick Tahlia up from her Saturday morning tutoring session.  As we drove home she said "they had the word arse in one of my writing exercises today".

I said "arse? That's odd! Are you sure it was arse? How was it spelt?"

"A S S"

I laughed and said "that's an ass, which is another word for donkey.  Mind you, in America it is arse ... but I'm pretty sure your tutor would have meant donkey."

"Oh" she says, "no wonder she looked at me weird".


"Well, we had to fill in the gaps of the sentences with list words and the sentence said 'I have an itchy blank', so I wrote ass."

I cracked up.  I mean seriously cracked up with tears streaming down my face.  I did the sitting-in-the-car-trying-to-drive version of a ROFL. The car was shaking as we drove I was laughing so hard.  I have not laughed that much in months.  It was the best thing for a Saturday morning.

"You wrote you had an itchy arse? What word should have gone in there?" I asked through my giggles.

"Nose" she says.

My daughter is beautiful, clever, funny and innocent.  Thank goodness for tutoring ...

For more living in the attitude of gratitude head on over to Maxabella at Kidspot's Village Voices.


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