Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 1169 - Don't stop believing

You'll see it when you believe it ...


Christmas is a magical time of year for children, but for magic to happen you've to believe it is possible. I've never wanted to lie to my kids, so if they've ever asked me point blank "is Santa real" I say "if you believe, you will receive". As I embark on some really scary business ventures, I'm actually having to say that to myself quite a lot right now. Although it's more along the lines of "if you believe you will achieve".  I'm having to remind myself that I really BELIEVE in the possibilities, I BELIEVE in my product. I BELIEVE in the reasons why I started out, and I BELIEVE in the people around me and their abilities to help make this happen.

About six years ago I read the book "You'll see it when you believe it" by Wayne Dyer and the title changed my life me before I even turned the first page. Not "you'll believe it when you see it" which is a philosophy for skeptics which we've all grown up with, but "you'll see it when you believe it".

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If, for example, you don't believe in ghosts you will never see one flash past you from the corner of your eye.  If you don't believe in Santa, you'll never catch a glimpse of one of his elves in your lounge room.  If you don't believe you'll get a car park at the mall at this time of year you'll most likely miss the ones that are about to be vacated. If you don't believe you can achieve great things, then you'll never see yourself achieving great things.  You've got to believe it is possible before you will see the results.

So this Christmas, why not do what I am doing and believe in your ability to make magic.  Believe in the possibilities, the dreams, and the promise. Believe in yourself, and your kids, and your partner. Believe in Santa.  Because you won't see it, unless you believe it ....

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  1. My twins are 6 and are still true believers! And I have a suspicion that my gigantic, sweet and simple 15 year old also still believes... or rather he doesn't believe that there isn't a Santa... cos the presents appear. Love it!


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