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Day 1174 - The Year in Review

2012 has been a big year ...
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Grace from With Some Grace suggested we do a big bloggy year in review. To be honest I don't even know where to begin. Not because I have nothing to report, but because I have had a HUGE year which is steeped in positive forward movement and a whole bunch of gratitude.

Let's just start at the top shall we? Warning: This post will largely be about me (well, it is my diary after all).

In my diary on the 18th January I have stuck a quote by Henry David Thoreau "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined" and that pretty much sums up 2012.  January was spent hopping between the coast and Canberra.  One day laying on the beach the next day editing books. One day drinking cocktails overlooking the ocean, the next day securing domain names and talking to my business coach.  One day playing cricket with the kids, the next day finding my spot with Tahlia's new cheerleading squad.  Chelsea's husband Pat had two of his DJ mixes listed in the Triple J Unearthed dance charts. January was full of hope and promise of the year ahead.
Gratitude: I am grateful for having in-laws who live by the sea, and a family that supports my dreams.

In February Derek and I popped over to Melbourne for his work "kick-off" event which we turned into a parent's weekend away.  Darby started his tutoring, we found the source of his allergies and for the first time ever he didn't go to school kicking and screaming.  Tahlia started year seven, she commenced with her new cheer squad and made new friends. I got a bunch of new clients as well as a consultancy.  My trademarks were all registered and Cheer Chick Charlie was on her way. The world started to hear about Charlie via social media. The school cheer squad re-started with the cheer committee firmly in place.
Gratitude: I am grateful for the kids schooling and for being able to give them the things they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Book one of the Cheer Chick Charlie series went through final edits and mock-up, I Chaired and spoke at a major Executive Assistant's Conference, Darby started back at soccer and Tahlia found her place in high school. My consultancy commenced. I attended my first ever blogging event and was announced the winner of the trip to LA to report at the red carpet for the opening of Cars Land.
Gratitude: I am grateful to the universe for seeing my vision and responding.

We drove to Noosa and had two weeks of sun, surf and sand.  I had meetings along the way to create the Cheer Chick Charlie product line.  Book one had its first print run. We started filming for the Cheer Chick Charlie You Tube Channel. Chelsea was promoted at work.
Gratitude: I am grateful to my husband for working hard to give us our annual holidays to warm and sparkly places. 

Book two of the Cheer Chick Charlie series was published and I was announced as a Samsung Global Blogger finalist for the London Olympics.  Tahlia became the voice of Charlie and we had our first recording session.  We commenced animation of Charlie and the Cheer Chick Charlie website was finalised in readiness for launch. I took some time out to write book three. Mum started spending more time with me to work on Charlie. We started to feel the financial pressure of the new business venture.  But we also started to see the possibilities.
Gratitude: I am grateful for a team of people willing to work with me for love as we get Cheer Chick Charlie off the ground.

Canberra's first ever dedicated cheerleading gym was launched (Sirens Gym) and I flew to LA with a bunch of Aussie press to participate in the opening of Cars Land.  During that time I met a group of wonderful people whose thoughts, advice and networks became invaluable.  Disneyland was as magical as I remember it to be and the Disney Australia people were wonderful.  Cheer Chick Charlie was officially launched at an event hosted by Canberra BusinessPoint and the website went live that night.
Gratitude: I am grateful for networks and a world of magic and possibility. 

We hit the ground running with Cheer Chick Charlie and continued building a product line, updating the website and published book three.  Regional press reported on our new children's book series. Charlie became the face of the kids page in The Australian Cheerleader Magazine. Derek and I took some time out to fly to Vegas to hang with our US based friends.  The kids spent ten days with Nanny and Pop as their guardians.
Gratitude: I am grateful for the luxury of quality time to spend bonding with loved ones.

The cheerleading season commenced and we had our first face-to-face Cheer Chick Charlie stall.  It was a financially rewarding experience which brought hope, relief and unlimited possibility.  I took a trip to the coast to write book four. My business was announced as a Canberra Business Point business of the year finalist.  Tahlia was signed by a Canberra based modelling agency and Darby was invited to participate in the soccer academy.
Gratitude: I am grateful that my children have dreams and we can help make them happen.

I had my first author talk and we continued on the cheer competition circuit as parents, as a coach and as a vendor.  Darby had his First Eucharist and Tahlia became a teenager. Tahlia had her modelling headshots done.  Chelsea announced that we would be grand-parents. Meetings took place to move forward with Charlie both in Australia and overseas. Cheer Chick Charlie appeared in major kids magazines - Little Angel and Girl Power.
Gratitude: I am grateful for the new energy and blue skies that spring brings.

I turned a year older and Deep Fried Fruit had it's third birthday.  Cheer Chick Charlie book four was published and released at the Australian All Star Cheerleading national championships.  Cheer Chick Charlie fans started showing their support and telling us why they love the series so much.  My fingers cramped up from book signings. Darby started playing indoor soccer and Tahlia started tutoring to assist her with high school.
Gratitude: I am grateful for the sport of cheerleading which is helping me realise my dreams.

Someone in the USA stole the Cheer Chick Charlie name and started to launch their own version.  My expanding networks and new friends in the international cheerleading industry rallied to support me and made plans to launch into the USA ahead of time.  Cheer Chick Charlie was announced on The Cheer Leader Magazine Facebook page.  International "cheerlebrity" Maddie Gardner gave us her support and also loaned us her manager.
Gratitude: I am grateful for the belief that people have in me and the support they give me

The kids finished off their year of school and the promise of Christmas has us all excited. Chelsea has moved to Queensland to start a new life with her husband and took her pregnant belly with her (sniff).  After a terribly frantic and challenging year Derek is finally winding down.  Cheer Chick Charlie now has a US based agent and the product line is expanding to include toys, apps and more cheer gear.  We are preparing for the big Langdown Christmas party which we host tonight.
Gratitude: I am grateful for the "powers that be" that have allowed us all to flourish this year in our own way. I am grateful for friends, family, colleagues and networks. I am grateful to my readers.  Actually, it's been a bloody great year. I'm just plain grateful.

 For more gratitude head on over to Maxabella at Kidspot's Village Voices where you'll get a whole lot of a thanks 52 weeks a year.


  1. Love your January quote!! Merry Christmas xx

  2. What an awesome and productive year you have all had. Hope you have a great Christmas and a lovely New Year.

  3. What a wonderfully full year you've had! Love all your gratefuls!


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