Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 1175 - Christmas Parties

The party of the year

I write this as we clean up the house after last night's party. It's become a tradition that we put on a big Christmas bash as our gift to our friends.  It's also becoming a tradition that we theme these parties based on the year we've had.  Last year it was a Hawaiian Christmas on account of our trip to Waikiki, and this year it was Vintage Vegas to remember our journey to Sin City.  It's fun to dress up. It's fun to host an end of year gathering.  It's fun to have a few drinks and laugh with friends.

Of course we could have gone all out and created a casino in our home. But we really weren't that way inclined. Instead we just stuck with the show girl theme with loads of feathers, pearls and cigarello holders; the boys wore Charlie Sheen style bowling shirts and Fedoras; we drank cocktails, beer and bourbon (I of course had champagne); and we created a Vegas style buffet in our lounge room.  People could dress up if they wanted, or just come as they normally would. No pressure.  Easy.

Vegas style buffet - after the crowds had gone through

Vegas style salad bar - what's left of it

Feathers and Fedoras stole the show at this year's Vintage Vegas bash
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
Leanne, Darby and Tahlia*

I was surprised at just how many people actually went to great effort! It was lovely to see everyone in theme.  The dress I wore was one I bought specifically to take to Vegas with me in July.  But I forgot to pack it and it didn't get its chance to shine in the Mojave sun.  Derek wore his shirt, shorts and my Fedora which were all bought in Vegas (I have not photo of him which is sad). Darby wore checked shirt with checked shorts, Fedora and pipe. Tahlia went floral with feathers, gloves and pearls.

Mum, Derek and I did all the food preparation and Mum did much of the dishing up and cleaning up as I was busy being a hostess to our guests.  It's one of those occasions where you don't actually get to spend much time with your guests ... you just welcome everyone in, and then see them back out the door again at the other end.

We had children up and down the street playing spot light in the dark.  They made it through til well after midnight. I sure hope the neighbours are still talking to us ...

It was a good night.  I'll share two final photos with you of ladies in feathers.  This is only a handful of people at the party. The men were all hidden out the back in the dark ... but the girls sparkled enough for both genders.


  1. I love a good dress up party - what a great theme you guys look awesome. A big clean up is always a sign it was a great party :)

  2. Beautiful people. I hope you had fun.


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