Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 1179 - The Sun

Is the sun stronger than normal this year?

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I read somewhere that the sun goes in 11 year cycles.  It goes through phases where it gets hotter and hotter, and then it's heat becomes less for a few years. Perhaps we are in the upper phase of one of these cycles.
My family is getting sunburned.  We've been applying the usual amounts of sun screen but it just doesn't seem to be enough this year.  Is the sun hotter this year?

 Last week I took Tahlia and her 13 year old friends to the pool for a couple of hours on their own before I joined them later in the day with Darby.  I had asked them to apply sunscreen so was annoyed when I arrived to find some sunburned noses and cheeks.  Didn't you put sunscreen on? Yes.  Did you reapply? Yes.  Well you're burned and that's not good.

On Christmas Eve we took the kids and their cousins to the beach.  I personally applied Darby's sunscreen with a double slathering on his back.  Granny applied Josh's.  Both boys were in the sun for two hours (surfing and floating) and we pulled them out to head home because their sun coverage time limit was up.  It turns out two hours was too long! Both boys ended up with sun burn on their backs.

I thought that perhaps the sunscreen was out of date. But no. Both boys used separate tubes and both were brand new. There is something going on with our sun ...

Yesterday I did my normal beauty regime which includes my daily 30+ face covering.  I admit that I didn't reapply, but I never do. I came home with a sunburned face.

I hear you say "where are your hats and sun protection shirts?"

You are well within your rights to ask that question. I shamefully admit that we are beach bunnies that don't cover all.  We enjoy the sun and while we do a whole lot of "slop" and "slide" and even a bit of "seek" when we need it, we don't "slip" nor "slap". We've never felt the need.

Perhaps I need to change that ....

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  1. I reapplied everywhere but my back. That is where I got burned because none of the girls were around to help me. They were on the slides already while I was waiting for my food to settle down and was re - applying everywhere else.


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