Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 1182 - Too Much Griswald

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the middle of National Lampoon's Summer Vacation.

The Langdown family "pontoon"
There are times like yesterday when my lovely Hubby blows up the new family Christmas gift BEFORE we go to the beach and secures it to the roof of the car that I feel there is far too much Chevy Chase in my world.

The entire extended Langdown family got this "floating lounge suite" for Christmas from Santa.  I think he may have bought it at Costco because we saw something similar at the super store for $100.  It is perfect for Granny's Beach* because there are minimal waves and it tends to be fairly quiet.

Ever since our trip to Hawaii in 2008 (wedding vow renewal) where we hired a pontoon for a few hours to float on the flat beach line, Derek has wanted to buy a pontoon for Granny's Beach.  This one is perfect because it can hold four adults, has a lounge, two chairs, cup holders, a mesh see-through floor for viewing fish and a nice big anchor** to keep you from floating out to sea.

Our "floating lounge suite" with anchor

Now the holding "four adults" thing is nice in theory but in reality we got it for the kids.  The likelihood of me swimming out and floating above the wildlife is fairly slim (although the idea of a 4pm floating cocktail does sound somewhat appealing).

Yesterday we decided to spend the entire day near the water so we set up camp with our cabana and our floating lounge suite, and even brought in a very healthy (not!) picnic lunch of hot chips, bread, mini pies and soft drink.  Luckily for us the local take-away shop and Granny's house are both within walking distance (which means the toilet is also not too far away for this little piddling duck).

The extended Deep Fried Fruit family (minus me taking the photo)

The kids had a ball out in the water.  The pontoon was of great interest to all that wandered down the beach. Interestingly enough it wasn't the women who stopped to gawk but every single man.  Yep, every single man over the age of 18 stopped and pondered the pontoon.  It seems my husband isn't the only pontoon enthusiast.

Having a blast hanging out on the "floating lounge suite"
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
It's definitely a worthy addition to our bag of summer fun stuff.

It's the transportation of the thing that I can't quite get my ego around.  I refused to travel in the car with them as they attached it to the roof and threw the surf boards on top.  The idea of driving down the streets with things strapped to the car and being held on with arms out windows is a little too Mexican*** for my liking. So I strongly encouraged my sister-in-law get us to the house ahead of the fun bus so I didn't have to be associated with the carnival that was making people stop and point in the streets. Plus I didn't want to be picking up stray surf boards as they bounced out of the pontoon on the trip home.

So we left it to the boys to make the return trip while we sat biting our nails in wait up at Granny's house (with the video camera). That's my sister-in-law doing the "rolling giggles" while I'm doing the high pitched ones.  My brother-in-law strongly suggests I send this to KIA for their "anything is possible in a KIA" files. Husband is adamant that the pontoon on roof thing will be the new craze next summer and that we'll see them everywhere.

I'm not so sure, but if we do, then you heard it hear first people!

Happy summer.

What about you? Are you part Griswald?

*That's not its real name but it's the beach closest to Granny and Grandad's house so from our point of view it's been called Granny's Beach for the last ten years.

** The anchor consists of a heavy duty PVC bag that you fill with rocks. 

*** Not that I have anything against Mexicans. They look like they're having a great deal of fun in the movies ... drinking tequila, playing doosh doosh music, strapping furniture to the roof and hanging from gyrating cars. I just feel that I have grown beyond strapping furniture to my vehicle and having people hanging off the car as we cruise the summer streets. 


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