Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 1183 - Seafood

A giant prawn cocktail ...

Prawns and crab meat
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
You know I'm not a foodie so it will come as no surprise that seafood doesn't excite me as much as it does some.  I mean, I appreciate it and all ... but I can take it or leave it.  I was happy to take it though when Husband and sister-in-law decided to create a seafood feast last night in honour of our sea-side location.

I remember when Derek and I first started seeing each other he brought be to the coast at some point and took me out for a lobster dinner.  At this point of his life he had very little money so a restaurant lobster meal was no walk-in-the-park for him ... it was significant.  While I was impressed with his grandeur, I was less than impressed with the lobster and left much of it on my plate. In fact, it was making me sick.  Perhaps the mornay sauce was too rich, or it could be that there was more seafood on that plate than I'd ever experienced in my life time, but this whole seafood caper didn't sit well with my digestive system.  It was a bust.

I have improved since then and I now eat crab meat, prawns, squid, calamari and oysters whenever someone dishes them up to me.  Even caviar when teamed with cream cheese and salmon on a water cracker (albeit supermarket bought in a jar). Seafood is not something I choose to buy myself (and I would never "cook" it) but I will eat it.

So it was three plates I dished up for myself last night of this very impressive seafood buffet. I have to admit that while I was pigging out on all things crustacean (and molluscan) I did take a minute to wonder what the rest of the world was eating while we chowed down on this aquatic haul*.

An aquatic feast
(C) Deep Fried Fruit

A combination of oysters mornay and oysters Kilpatrick 

*Not everyone in the house was impressed by our spread.  Tahlia won't go near seafood and ate copious amounts of garlic bread and a sausage sandwich instead.  Plus Derek's dad and brother are actually allergic to shell fish so they too had turf  fare rather than the surf variety.   

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  1. I'm pretty much the only one in our house who eats seafood. And not lots either. I was very surprised on Christmas Day when Boy ate Balmain Bug, prawns and even an oyster.

    I think he's moving into the expensive food part of his life.


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