Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 1188 - Climate Control

All I can say today is "thank goodness for air conditioning!" 

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As we pack up from the coast and leave a 33 degree beach day, we head home to Canberra-ville for an expected 39 degrees.  It is our aim to get home before the full heat of the day to ensure we get our air turned on.  Extreme heat is not always conducive to a loving family environment - especially where this piece of Deep Fried Fruit is concerned.  I can get a bit irritable ...

I'm not good in the heat.  I actually start to panic a bit if I can't find relief quickly.  Strangely enough I was able to cope with the 40+ temps in Las Vegas in July, but desert heat seems different. Drier and more tolerable or something. Or it could just be the luxurious hotel with pool, cocktails and fridge like air conditioning only a few metres away in any direction. I find our Canberra heat (while usually not humid) quite intolerable.  I find it stuffy and heavy.  It can make me a bit cranky.

On the other hand Derek loves the heat.  He likes to sweat.  If it is hot outside he needs to be able to feel it when he's inside as well.  While he doesn't necessarily want to bake, he does like to simmer*.

That's why I am grateful for having our evaporative cooling system.  It gives us the best of both worlds. I can have the house cool enough to survive, and (unlike air conditioning) Derek can keep the windows and doors open for a more natural feel rather than living in a fridge.

On a 39 degree day like today our inside temperature with evaporative cooling will probably still be up around 28 degrees. Which, while not "cool", is definitely a tolerable alternative.  It's also a lot easier than having two adults, two kids and a dog huddled around a fan with a wet tea towel on it looking for relief.  Which is what we used to do in the "old days"**.

Yeah, today I am grateful for climate control, the air conditioner installer people, plenty of cooling options and Zooper Dooper ice blocks.  Coz the cheapest cooling option of all is Zooper Dooper ...

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For more living in the attitude of gratitude head on over to Maxabella at Kidspot's Village Voices for 52 weeks of gratitude.

What are you grateful for?

Happy Saturday! 

*Derek and I are in constant battle over climate control in both summer and winter.  I need the air on in summer to keep the house cool and in winter I don't like the heater set above 19 degrees.  I cannot cope with extreme heat in summer nor artificial heat in winter. Derek on the other hand can do without the air conditioning at all and is happy with a basic fan which translates in winter to needing the heater pumped right up to around 24 degrees.  We are chalk and cheese.   

** I recall being nine months pregnant with Darby when we had a 40 degree New Year's Day.  We had no air conditioning  and we literally did huddle around one pedestal fan which we put wet towels on to create a cooler environment.  Mum and Dad then kindly loaned us their portable evaporative cooler for the remainder of my pregnancy (you know the ones that you fill up with a bucket of water every couple of hours) which made things a little easier.  It was then that I said "enough is enough" and the following year we started investigating our options.  


  1. Totally loving my air-con right now too, and you can't beat a zooper-dooper!

  2. dry heat is always better than humid (says the chick still struggling with Brisbane summers 6 years after our move from Sydney). love me some popsicles though!! we go through them like mad for many months starting with the last month of school where we seem to barely get inside the house before someone is at the freezer pulling them out before school bags get unpacked!

  3. I remember when we were kids, sitting in front of a fan with a wet tea towel! Now i couldn't imagine life without A/C.

  4. All I have to say is this....Derek is going to FREEZE here!! You may not want to tell him this, but in the winter time we keep our house at 68F which is 20C..sometimes even 66F....he is going to are going to have to keep him warm!! Tell him to bring his Uggs!...

  5. I am sweltering. MELTING! We have one air conned room and we are all in there (I'm down at my folks and there are 9 grandkids and 3 sisters and 2 grandies). Happy days, though. x


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