Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 1193 - The Kit Kat

This is not my story, but I'll claim it as my own for the purposes of this blog ...

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The other day I was wandering merrily through the blogosphere when I came across Catherine's post over at Cup of Tea and A Blog about her mix up with a children's digger.  To cut a long story short her daughter was playing with a digger in a community park, another child tried to take it, they wrestled, Catherine got involved to claim the digger back, the other mum got involved, and then Catherine remembered that they hadn't brought their digger. Whoops! Well, that reminded me of a story ...

As I said, this is not my story.  But for the purposes of maintaining some blojo (blogging mojo) I'm going to claim it as mine to tell just so I've got something to write about today.  So here goes ...

I was at uni at the time of this little piece of urban legend (and yes, the story did become quite legendary).

There was a girl (let's call her Lulu) who was working during the uni break.  She had scored an office job at a big Sydney based firm which was brilliant.  She felt very posh and professional in her suit and brand new leather hand bag.  Her high heels were "to die for". She was tall and slim and had blonde hair. She was very pretty and could definitely turn heads.

One day Lulu headed off to the coffee shop at lunch time to grab a quick bite to eat.  She took a work colleague with her and they sat at the bar in front of the counter.  Her work colleague was on one side, and a lovely young man (a stranger) was on the other. He was alone.  

Lulu (which may or may not be her real name) ordered herself a cappacino and a Kit Kat.  She sat with her head turned to the left as she chatted to her colleague and sipped her coffee.  About five minutes in she went to open her Kit Kat.  She turned to her right and opened the packet. She took a piece. The man next to her also took a piece.  She turned back to her colleague.

"Oh my God!! This guy next to me is eating my Kit Kat!" she whispered aggressively through gritted teeth.

"Are you serious?" says colleague


Lulu turns back and takes another piece. The man next to her, avoiding eye contact takes the final piece.  Lulu turns back to her friend.

"It's gone. My Kit Kat is gone. The bastard has eaten my Kit Kat!"

Lulu downed the rest of her coffee and she and her colleague stand up to leave. But first Lulu turns to this man (who is sitting all alone), screws up the Kit Kat wrapper and throws it at him and says "next time buy your own F*&ing Kit Kat!!!" and she stormed out swinging her posh new hand bag and click clacking out of the coffee shop in her heels "to die for".

After a very perplexed walk back to the office she and her colleague part ways as they return to their own desks.  Lulu is still fuming when she opens up her lovely leather handbag to grab a tissue. All this cursing and stomping has made her eyes water.

She scrabbles around inside looking for a Kleenex and pulls out ..... her Kit Kat.

Oh my God!

She'd been eating his ...


  1. Absolutely brilliant, really made me laugh! Thanks for sharing and thnks for the mention xx

  2. I bet she blushed furiously with embarrassment at the little discovery!

  3. ahahhahahahahhaha. i didn't make the connection between the stories when reading lulu's story - i thought it was going to end that it was her boss or something. too funny!

  4. Love the twist at the end of this, makes youw onder how many things would be different in our lives from a different perspective xx

  5. How embarrassing! I would have moved. To another country. -__-

  6. Oh man! That's shocking! I would have run down and apologised and bought another four or five for him!

  7. Hahahaha! That's brilliant and I hope that Lulu (which may or may not be her real name!) dined out on that tale for years!

  8. There must have been some way to turn this misadventure into a pickup opportunity.

  9. Imagine what that guy told his mates when he went back to work...

  10. Hilarious! So glad I'm the passive aggressive type... I'd have done extra loud chomping and cranky faces instead. I'm with Jess - I'd have carried around a spare 10 in my handbag to make it all better (and then... Maybe pick him up! Great minds Mumabulous ;)

  11. Ha Ha so funny! I bet she couldn't go back in there again in case she saw him, I would have been mortified. (By the way - thank goodness BloJo stands for Blogging Mojo and not something else!! - Sorry to lower the tone :-) )

  12. I wonder what happened to 'Lulu'? I hope she doesn't mind me telling her story. It's a keeper. Thanks for reading!

  13. Dying!!!
    Leanne I think Kit Kat man met Digger Mum, thus producing Digger Kid.

  14. Oh, dear! And this is what happens when we get addicted to chocolate! LOL!

  15. Lmao great story!! Oh, the embarrassment!

  16. BRILLIANT. Thanks for the laugh. And that is SO something I would do.

  17. Love it! Thanks for the smile!
    I'm visiting from the Friday Flash Blog


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