Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 1197 - Good Self Management

Something I know for sure - failing to plan, is planning to fail ...

About four years or so ago I decided to do some more study.  I'd been working full time for fourteen years and I'd come home to be a SAHM.  I thought it might be a good time to reinvent myself. I've already got a couple of degrees in the whole office management/people management side of things, but for some reason (possibly boredom) I decided to study to become a teacher. Because I already had the other academic feathers in my cap, the university talked me into doing a Masters of Teaching (Primary).

Yeah well, that lasted a whole semester. I quickly realised that teaching wasn't really my life's purpose.  I admire teachers and I applaud them, but for me to fulfill my legacy I couldn't be one teacher, in one school, in one town, in one country.  I needed to do something different.  My life's work was not as a teacher. So I quit.


Not before learning something very valuable which has stuck with me to this day.  My maths lecturer gave me two pieces of wisdom which I carry with me everywhere:

  1. You can be a friendly teacher, but not a teacher friend (I often replace the word "teacher" with "coach", "supervisor", "manager"), and 
  2. Failing to plan, is planning to fail.
It is number two that I am focusing on today. As I gear up for the big trip to New York* I am getting increasingly antsy about being 100% ready for what awaits us. Unfortunately though much of what I need relies on the actions of others. I cannot manage the workload of others. I can sure try, but in the end I can simply coordinate and encourage and let others do what they need to do.  But I can manage myself.  

Good self management puts ME in control. 

It's that simple. 

*Derek and I are taking Cheer Chick Charlie to the USA to introduce the books and the concept to our American counterparts.  We are very excited, but also very nervous.  A lot is riding on this trip.  

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  1. I hope your planning is going well. Enjoy your trip introducing Cheer Chick Charlie to the world.


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