Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 1198 - Back to where it all began

It started with a seed, and grew into a forest.

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You never know when a tiny seemingly insignificant event may turn into something huge that becomes part of your legacy.  All it takes is a tiny seed to be dropped and before you know it, dense foliage can occur. From little things big things grow (and all that). Let me tell you a story ...

Back in 2007 I took Tahlia and Darby to the USA for a wedding.  During our three week stay Tahlia had the opportunity to attend some cheerleading practice sessions with a friend's daughter.  Tahlia was quite clever at it given her years of calisthenics training and all her bendy flexy moves.  After four sessions over that three week period she was hooked. She was eight years old.

When we got home she hounded me to find her a cheer squad in Canberra.  She wanted to continue a life of tumbling, dancing, stunting and motions.  So when I couldn't find one I started one at her school.  What started as 15 kids on the school oval became a competition squad of 100 over the course of 18 months.  I had help of course.  An enthusiastic teacher and some lovely parents.  The Good Shepherd Primary School squad is still going strong today long after Tahlia has left and headed to high school.

From that little forest grew another seed.  Cheer Chick Charlie.  She was created from that very experience and grew from the hearts of each and every one of those cheerleaders.  In  three weeks time we take Cheer Chick Charlie back to Pennsylvania where it all began.  In my quest to go global we'll be in New York introducing her to the world, but at the same time I will be taking a trip back to a little cheer squad called the Bath Lions which is where it all began.  I would like to acknowledge the impact they had on us and pay homage to how their welcoming attitude and willingness to share created something significant.

The Good Shepherd Cheer Squad logo

The Cheer Chick Charlie series so far
Almost six years ago a little seed was taken from one country and a world away a forest grew.  You really do never know when a tiny seemingly insignificant event may turn into something huge that becomes part of your legacy.


  1. I love that it all started as an insignificant incident. They're the best stories of all...

  2. What an inspirational story! Thanks for sharing it.

    Visiting from IBOT.

  3. i love this - what a great thing to remember. x

  4. What a great story - it just shows what we can accomplish if we put our minds to it !!
    Have the best day and good luck !
    #IBOT visitor

  5. How super exciting for you Leanne, I know I have said it before but you are such an inspiration. If you want something just go out and get it hey? Wishing you all the very best in the States I am sure Charlie will be a hit

  6. Great moral to this story. You really do never know where big things will start, or what may come of little things that you don't give much thought to at the time. Thanks for sharing. x Aroha #teamIBOT

  7. Great story Leanne, and so true that you just never know where something will lead... But all credit to you for developing the ideas and making it happen!

  8. Taylah has been begging me to start a cheer squad up here after reading your books. She has no idea that I have no idea.
    I'm so excited for you Leanne, really, truly excited

  9. I love hearing how it all started. What an interesting story! Good on you for just starting a cheer squad. Not everyone would take that on :)

  10. Great stories within this stor, thanks for sharing it. I bet your daughter thinks her mum can make anything happen! Visiting from #teamIBOT

  11. Hi LeAnn my name Theresa and I'm a cheet coach for the Bath Lions. Brenda's youngest daughter Jordan has bern on my squad for the past 2 years and her oldest Nicole has become my junior coach.
    I love your story and am so looking fprward to meeting you when you come to visit.

  12. Theresa! I can't wait to see you! Hoping our teams may be able to become "sister squads" across the oceans.
    That would be so cool.

  13. That sounds great. I just heatd from Bremda in regatds to photos. See you soon and have a trip


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