Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 1201 - X Factor

What did I buy my kids for Christmas? X Factor tickets of course.

Today the kids and I drive to Sydney for the much anticipated X Factor concert.  We are very excited.

It was squeals of delight and wonder that greeted me Christmas morning upon presenting them with their gift. Tahlia in particular was over the moon given she has dumped One Direction in favour for The Collective.  Yes, we are Collectors.

I'm still not sure I am doing the right thing though by taking the trip.  Today is another day of extreme heat, and after our Summernats "emergency" I'm not sure standing up in a crowd of thousands in 37 degree heat is the best thing for the kids. Especially since Tahlia was sick yesterday ...

Yesterday morning I got a call from a fellow coach at Cheer Camp to say that Tahlia had started throwing up. She'd only been there two hours. By the time I got there (I had to finish my meeting and then it was a 40 minute drive) Tahlia had thrown up so much she was down to the bile.  We packed her up and took her home where she lay lifeless on the couch for most of the day.  She couldn't even retain water.  She threw up until around 3.00pm and had her first bite to eat at 4.00.  She is back to normal this morning.

Given today is another 39 degree day, I am conscious of her lack of resilience right now.  She's had a rough two weeks health wise. There's nothing sinister going on (that we know of).  But I am worried. The feinting alone is something to be wary of.

So this morning as we pack it will be with plenty of drink bottles, cool clothing, hats and little hand held paper fans (Asian style). An old ice-cream container for the drive and a few zip lock bags in my handbag will handle any vomit.

Thankfully I chose to buy tickets in the seated section rather than on the floor where it is standing room only.  I had seriously contemplated the standing kind so that Tahlia could be closer to her idols, but it was Darby's height (or lack there of) that prompted me to get a spot in the stands. I applaud that little piece of forethought.

Stay tuned for tomorrow where we'll give you the run down!

Sydney here we come ...

PS there is no way my kids will allow me to give any second thoughts to the trip.  Apparently we are going to this concert even if having to be wheeled in on a hospital bed. Hmmm.  Let's hope we don't have to resort to that option. 

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