Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 1202 - Survived

Did I say 37 degrees when referring to surviving in yesterday's heat? Try walking around Darling Harbour in 43.8 degree heat (and I thought Vegas was hot). Holy crap it was an oven. I honestly thought the world was about to explode. Needless to say our walking was kept to a minimum and we spent as much time as possible in the air conditioning eating ice cream.  A highlight was the giant yellow rubber duck floating on Darling Harbour. Oh, and the X- Factor concert of course.
Our tickets said a 6.00pm start which was code for doors open at 6.00 for a 7.00pm start. Clearly I'm a concert gumby as we arrived at 5.00. Other than having to forego nice hair due to the cooling thunder storm that came through to relieve us all of the aforementioned record temps, the early arrival proved quite clever as it meant we were able to nab a general admissions seat on the floor right behind the expensive VIP seats. Bonus!! This meant great photos and a very loud concert. Yeah ... I actually had seating in the stands but these were better and our tickets allowed us in that area if we chose. So we did. We sat with Tahlia's friend and her mum. You see!! Being a concert gumby has its benefits.

Tahlia was in her element and did a hell of a lot of squealing once indoors. She loved every second of the experience. I was very happy to share it with her. Even standing in the thunderstorm outside didn't dampen her enthusiasm.* I was also happy there was no feinting or vomiting. Bonus.

Darby not so much. It was too loud and the flashing lights gave him a headache. He was also tired and hungry and wasn't happy with the chips and Mars bar dinner on offer. Plus being on floor seating meant he couldn't see quite as we'll as the rest of us.** I think he was wishing he was home with Daddy and his mates at his card night.

Anyway, all in all it was a great day and one that will be remembered.

Tahlia has declared she will never wash again given Trent ( from The Collective) gave her a 'special' look when she squealed at him, and she managed to touch hands with the rest of The Collective crew as they came by to see the crowd after the concert. Trent actually 'held on' to her by all accounts. Oh, and Samantha Jade (our X-Factor winner) spoke to her. Yeah she's pretty happy.

I write this from the iPad so am unable to transfer photos from my camera. Tomorrow.

Right now we are getting ready for breakfast and a trip to Ikea. It's time to get Darby's new bed. Walking into Ikea is always a daunting experience. Those arrows pointing us onwards can make you feel a bit trapped. There is no mid-Ikea escape hatch. You're committed till the end. Eeeek!!!!!

Ciao for now peeps. Happy Saturday.

*The thunderstorm troubled me a tad on account of my hair ego. But then gratitude for heat relief took over. Which is how I explained it to Darby as he mumbled about all the waiting. 

** The crowd in our area actually stayed seated which meant no dancing but it did mean kids like Darby (of which there were many) still had good vision. 

Point of interest: I spent $20 on water alone at the concert. We couldn't take our own water in (to ensure the venue remained alcohol free) so it was $4 a pop for small bottles. A necessary expense though given the heat. 

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