Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 1207 - A long day

It may well be a 16 hour work day ...

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Don't you just love those extra long days that start at dawn and finish near midnight?  Yeah, not so much.  Lucky it's doing something I love otherwise I'd be feeling a bit miserable right now.  Today we progress author talks in the USA, finalise things for the Toy Fair, catch up on all things app related, provide information for changes to the website, work on the Cheer Chick Charlie calendar for 2013, meet with a new client, Chair a meeting, film a promotional DVD and draft a marketing brochure to take to New York.  Eeek!! Have they invented that cloning thing yet? Thank goodness for grandparents with farms to entertain children on school holidays.  Ciao for now peeps.

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