Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 1209 - Australia Day

There's a lot to be thankful for in Australia.

People come from long distances to this land of opportunity that we call Australia.  It's the perfect day to ponder what makes our country so great and to give gratitude for all we have in our little Aussie world.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Cities with suburbs that have lovely lakes, ducks, bike paths, playgrounds and trees
  • A medical system that allows for consultation, treatment, surgery, prescriptions, care and rehabilitation at a fraction of the cost that many experience in the world.
  • Easy access to schools and choice when it comes to education.
  • A culture that incorporates many countries of origin for a truly worldly experience right here on our own turf.
  • Food that is plentiful, varied and healthy.
  • A "she'll be right mate" and a "I've got your back" style attitude that supports each other (friends or strangers) in true mateship.
  • Cities, beaches, country, desert, mountains, valleys and everything in between. 
  • Beer, wine and champagne.
  • Great big steaks and barbeques.
  • Choice
  • Freedom
  • Democracy
  • Friends with a pool who host the annual Australia Day gathering
  • Long weekends
  • My cousin's zucchini bake recipe so I have something to contribute to the celebration
  • Derek's ability to grow copious amounts of zucchini in the back garden
On this Australia Day, what are you grateful for?

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  1. An awesome list of gratefulness.

    I'm so grateful to live in a country of opportunity and abundance. We're so rich, really.


  2. I'm pretty much grateful for most of those things too. We even grow Zucchini's. lol.

  3. I'll second a thanks for our medical system. The Little Sister gave us a scare with a sinister rash early on Boxing Day morning. We were seen by such happy, healthy professionals at the Children's hospital. I am so grateful to have access to the help my family needs.
    Happy Australia Day Leanne, thanks for linking up!

  4. You're so right! So much to be thankful for living in this country of ours xx

  5. Hi there Leanne, totally with you on these gratefuls. I am sad that my own family of birth is so far away, but will see them all this year. And I'm so happy my own kids are growing up here, Love your bloggy values by the way.

  6. Its not until you here about medical care in other countries that you realise how lucky we are to be able to look after our children. Very grateful for that.

    Happy Australia Day

  7. Yes! A great list of Aussie gratefuls Leanne. I love a decent steak too :)

  8. Yes! A great list of Aussie gratefuls Leanne. I love a decent steak too :)

  9. We really are so lucky, aren't we? Our local hospital is full of amazing and very inspirational people. Great list Leanne x

  10. It's a grand place to have a childhood, no doubt about t. x


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