Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 1212 - An Olay Give-away

Age is a mindset (but a beauty regime and bunch of moisturiser helps).

Cooled green tea bags to sooth puffy eyes
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
You're only as old as you feel so be sure to feel fit and fabulous or you'll be middle aged in a flash. Believe me, I know. As a 40+ year old my age is definitely reflective of my mindset, rate of exhaustion and the excess baggage I'm carrying under my eyes.

Here are 7 tips for getting rid of those pesky backpackers that like to camp out under the eyes and while we're at it, let's give away some free stuff.

Nothing ages a chick like sleep deprivation, and nothing screams Deep Fried like puffy eyes (except perhaps for neck drapery).  So let's minimise the physical signs with a bit of facial love.

  1. Drink plenty of water. You think your drinking enough? Double it.  You want to replenish your skin from the inside out.
  2. Spritz your face.  Whether it be a basic spray bottle with water, some rose water or a specially designed facial spritzer, this helps replenish the skin from the outside in.
  3. Lower salt intake to avoid fluid retention.  Eating junk food or other food high in salt can make you retain your fluids which in turn contributes to excess baggage.
  4. Sooth particularly lumpy eye luggage with cooled green tea bags.  I use the green tea bags from my cuppa earlier in the day which have been put in the fridge to cool. I have read that green tea contains ECGC which apparently encourages a gene called Interleukin-8 or I8, which is the body's inflammatory response. Green tea also contains a bucket load of anti oxidants that fight free radicals and apparently has the added bonus of being anti bacterial. Cooled green tea bags on the eyes beat cucumber slices hands down.
  5. Use eye cream (and while you're at it, moisturise).  I am currently using Olay Total Effects Eye Cream (RRP $32.49).  It treats the signs of aging around the eye - dark circles, crow's feet, and lines - for younger looking skin above and around the eyes. I'm complementing it with Olay Total Effects Day Cream Gentle (RRP $32.49)
  6. Sleep.  Yep, it's pretty obvious that tired looking eyes actually comes from being tired.  I personally need at least eight hours of sleep a night if I'm going to avoid excess baggage.
  7. Smile often.  Crows feet and laugh lines beat bags hands down.

The wonderful people at Olay would love to help minimise the universal spread of facial baggage by giving FIVE lucky readers the chance to win $65 worth of Olay Total Effects.  Yes, you too can be using the Olay Total Effect Eye Cream AND the Olay Total Effects Day Cream.

Note: pictures are not to scale.

I have used Olay (on and off) from way back when it was called Oil of Ulan. Yes yes, I know that makes me old. So it's definitely a Deep Fried favourite.  In fact, my wonderful mum bought me a variety basket of Olay for Christmas. So I was delighted when Olay offered to add the Olay Total Effects duo to the bundle.

And now five of my fabulous Deep Fried friends can have some too!

All you have to do is guess how the Olay peeps approached me about the give-away and you're entered (whether or not you got the answer right).

Did they say:

  1. Yo, Nanna Lea, you're looking particularly deep fried today, how about some Olay?
  2. You are stunning and we'd like to help you stay that way, how about some Olay?
  3. Your blog is the best damn blog I've ever read, here's $20,000 and a life time supply of Olay to be our bloggy ambassador,  
  4. I just wanted to touch base and run a giveaway opportunity by you…We have 5 Olay Total Effects packs to the value of RRP$64.98 each that we would like to offer to your Deep Fried Fruit readers, or
  5. None of the above - put your suggested answer here.

The competition closes midnight this Friday 1 February and is open to Australian readers only. Winners will be announced on Saturday.  Entries via comment, email, Facebook, text or tweet #DFFOlay. Reminder: any answer at all will get you into the draw.  

You're only as old as you feel. Age is indeed a mindset. But lotions and potions, tea bags and water definitely help. 

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I started using Oil of Ulan when I was a teenager! I still use it sometimes, but now I use a few avon products aswell (my sister is a rep).

    My beauty tip is to never go to bed with your makeup on!

    And the answer is clearly number 2!

  2. I second number 2 - I too started with Oil of Ulan. I still do from time to time - I have no set product but I am price sensitive so I use whatever I'm given or end up with...
    As for my secret - hmmm, make up helps when really in trouble (I don't normally wear make up, but somedays it's a must...dress up the eyes to distract from the rest of the face!)

  3. As beautiful as you are, I hope that the answer is number three and they throw money at you left right and centre!

  4. Hi, wow, what a beautiful giveaway!
    Ok, well, whilst I was leaning towards 2, I will actually go with 5:
    here at Olay, our New Years Resolution was to change the lives of as many beautiful, busy women in Australia. You are the prime example of that, as are your readers and followers. So, with that in mind, we'd love you to run this giveaway, and we promise it will be almost as beautiful as what you are!

  5. I need to try a new product and have previously used Oil of Ulan .... I think the answer is number 4 although I agree that it could be 2 and would love it to be 3.

  6. I used to dip into my mothers Oil of Ulay. I'm going with No. 2, the "you look lovely, we would like to keep you this way".

  7. The answer is obviously number three, although you might also have to wake up from this dream.

    My stay young tip is act like a kid when your children are playing, it helps erase wrinkles :)

    From IBOT

  8. I'm guessing 4 - I wish it was 3 ;)

    I need all the help I can get - especially in the eye department - ALL the help!

  9. I need some of this stuff - I've never looked after myself properly and it's starting to show...

    Number 1 made me laugh but number 4 looks more likely...!

  10. I'm guessing 4, but I wish it was three. And now I'm off to get my water bottle out of the freezer :)

  11. Definitely must have been Number 2 :) I have used their products for most of my life as well - I remember the smell of the pink Oil of Ulan that mum used to slather on herself - seems to have done the trick for her!

  12. Funny I used it when it was Oil of Ulan also!!! I definitely need to start taking better care of my eye wrinkles! Gotta say No.4 but you are obviously stunning to start with :)

  13. Yep! I too remember the days of Oil of Ulan... which definitely means I need it!

    I would say number 4... not that number 2 wouldn't be true also!

  14. I occasionally use Olay moisturiser. Usually if it's on sale. Am currently trying a different one I got from Aldi.

    I'll go with none of the above, and they really said, "You're gorgeous, but we've seen your readers and we think they could use some beauty help! Would you like to give them some?" ;-)

  15. I'm crossing fingers it was number 4 and you will be their ambassador and this will also lead you to be the next face of olay!!! oh yeah!

    I keep chopping around with different brands, i'd love to find one that just WORKS for me, Olay is on my list to try.

    Ps. I lol'ed at "Pictures are not to scale" because I am reading on my iPhone hahaha.

    Lovely post x

  16. Haha, 'eye luggage'! Love it! What about haemorrhoid cream? I've heard that works! Nice tip about the salt intake though. I didn't know that one! Fi xxx

  17. I used to steal my mum's Oil of Ulan when I was a kid. Loved the stuff! I was still using it until recently too. I would guess 4 would be the correct answer. But hey, how good would number 3 be??? :)


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