Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 1214 - A box of gratitude

Want what you already have, rather than always having to have what you want ....

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I honestly believe that the key to happiness is gratitude, which in turn assists with fulfillment.  Finding time to give thanks for the little things in the every day, not just the big ticket items. Finding something to be grateful for at the end of each day means you are acknowledging the good, celebrating life and going to bed with hope.

Langdown Family gratitude box
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Back in 2008 I created a "gratitude box" where, as a family, we would put little notes for each other.  Each week I would open the box and distribute the notes for us to glue into our own gratitude books.  What this meant was that we were able to express thanks to each other (despite the grumbles and frustrations of the week) and we were also able to receive thanks to acknowledge our value.

Gluing our thankfuls into our gratitude books 2008
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It was a great idea at the time and worked a treat! Even Daddy got involved in the end which was a huge win.  But as with many things the box got put away, out of sight, and the concept was forgotten. And with it some of the appreciation for each other started to fade as well.

I was reminded of the concept twice recently. The first when my cousin sent me this photo of a gratitude jar with the idea that you fill it with little notes about the good things that happen in your life throughout the year and then open it on New Years Eve to celebrate the year that was and help with putting things in perspective. Brilliant!

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The second was when I had a session with the leadership team of one of the cheerleading squads and the Principal Coach suggested we put a lolly jar out with a bunch of positive thoughts, quote, reasons to be thankful. As cheerleaders start their session they take a lucky dip to pull out a reason to smile and think positively for that session.  Excellent idea! Wish I'd thought of it.

So I'm bringing back the gratitude box! I am reintroducing the concept of thanks, appreciation, celebration and acknowledgement. I will be encouraging the family to write gratitude notes during dinner a few nights a week.  We can also include happy thoughts, quotes and celebration notes.

I am lucky. We are already quite a positive and celebratory type family.  Every day I pose the question "what wonderful things happened in your world today?" But it doesn't hurt to put it on paper from time to time as a reminder when things do get tough.

Happy Thursday!

Let's make it a thankful one.


  1. I love your gratitude box idea as each person has the saved notes to read back on. i have wanted to start a gratitude and memory jar this year but got off to a crazy new year start. now is as good a time as any so will start when we get back from our weekend away - thanks for the prompting.

  2. I LOVE this, I am going to definitely do this in my hosuehold, thank you so much.
    So nice to focus on the positives!

  3. Good on you. I blogged about the jar not too long ago. Mine was called the 'inspiration jar' xx

  4. This is a fabulous idea, a friend of mine is doing it also.


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