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Day 1230 - Super Sprowtz Give-Away

A super way to promote vegetables to children.

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While at the New York Toy Fair I took some time out from the Cheer Chick Charlie stall to get to know some of my fellow exhibitors.  One booth that really impressed me was Super Sprowtz.  The creation of Super Sprowtz is a truly inspiring story ...

Radha and her sister own a healthy pizza restaurant called "Slice"* in the West Village.  Radha would create characters on the children's menu for the kids to colour in while they waited for service. These characters were vegetables with super powers, and she noticed that when the kids had finished colouring the "super sprowtz" and reading about the super powers of each veg, children would choose to add more vegetables to their pizza.

This inspired her to create the books and puppets and now has travelling entertainment to take the Super Sprowtz message to a wider audience.  She even has celebrity endorsement including legendary basketballer Shaquile O'Neil, New York Yankee CC Sabathia, and actor Jeff Bridges (just to name a few)**.

Radha at her Toy Fair booth with Brian Broccoli and his super book
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
One of her most exciting achievements has been to have Super Sprowtz featured at the Children's Museum in Manhattan, taking the place of the Curious George exhibit. She is also in discussions to have the brand featured in a well known US supermarket. And just yesterday while I was chatting to her she received a call from a major ivy league university in the USA who would like to conduct a study to actually measure the positive impact her brand is having on children's eating choices in schools around the USA. Super Sprowtz is definitely gathering momentum towards super stardom.

I found Radha very inspirational and her story is encouraging.  Through her restaurant she recognised that story telling can have an immediate behavioural change. Just like Cheer Chick Charlie, Super Sprowtz understands that you can create positive change in children quicker if you create a way for them to absorb it themselves rather than teach them from the top down. Her WHY is so much bigger than making money.  She cares about the message and genuinely wants to help children and parents create healthy lifestyles and make good choices when it comes to eating. She's a little female Jamie Oliver.

Here is one young woman who had an idea mixed with a bit of talent who made the decision to turn her idea into reality. She first spread her message with minimal start-up costs and then got an investor on board. How many times do we hear of people saying "imagine if" and not bothering to take the action necessary to create their dreams?  Radha said "imagine if" and got off her arse and did something about it.

In support of Cheer Chick Charlie, and in recognition of all my lovely Deep Fried Fruit followers, Radha has given me a signed book and puppet to give away.

Brian Broccoli is super strong and he is on a mission to stop a Greasy Grease cart from destroying the fresh food at the Farmer's Market. If you have any trouble at all getting your kids to eat broccoli, Brian will change their minds and have them eating this valuable vege in no time.

To enter the comp simply tell me below how easy or hard it is to get your kids to eat their veges.  For a bonus entry simply head on over to the Super Sprowtz Facebook page, press the "like" button and post on her wall saying that Cheer Chick Charlie sent you. For a third entry come on over to the Cheer Chick Charlie Facebook page and press the "like" button and leave a comment under my Super Sprowtz plug on that page so that I know you have been.

This competition is open to Australian readers only and will be drawn next Friday 22nd February.

Sprowt out guys! Have a vegeriffic day :)

Edit: Entries accepted via comment, Facebook, Twitter #DFFSprowtz, text or email.

* Slice Pizza is soon to go through a name change to "Wild" Pizza. You can find Radha's restaurant at 535 Hudson Street, New York.
** When I asked how she could afford these super stars I was advised that due to the nature of the message these guys came on board simply because they believed in her message.  Yep, it really can be that simple. 


  1. Great story & I love the idea and message and the characters look amazing.

  2. I've grated broccoli and hidden it in mince to get first child to eat it...2nd & third love it. !st child loves veges now and 2nd doesn' we seem to alternate with food as time goes by...

  3. Vegetables are really hit and miss here. Sometimes they get wolfed down and sometimes totally rejected. Sweet things like carrots and corn are always easier than greens though!

  4. Great comp! I've got 50% who eat veggies and 50% who I have to persuade... they do like tomatos so that's something.

    A work in progress!

  5. That really is the most awesome and inspiring story!

    Mia is almost 15 months old and ironically, considering your giveaway, brocolli is the only vegetable she has always turned her nose up at! She will eat anything else I give her but everytime we've tried to give her brocolli it goes in the mouth and then pops out seconds later and she has the most disgusted look on her face! It's pretty funny actually. So this book will come in handy when she's a little older for sure!

  6. What a great story! wish this was open to international residents but good luck to the participants!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Mr 7 months loves broccoli! those characters are awesome!!

  8. What a cool idea and a very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Such a clever idea! I don't know if I could call it lucky or not but my three year old won't eat meat!! Only veggies. She's a self confessed vegetarian already and all of her own doing! Enjoy NY - I am ever so slightly jealous, it is such a WONDERFUL city!

  10. Firstly, your adventure keeps getting more and more exciting! I love reading your updates and makes me crave another trip back to NY so badly!!

    As for the comp - what a great, inspirational story behind Super Sprowtz! That is such a powerful message that 'anything is possible'

    As for eating veggies - my eldest doesn't - it is that simple. His severe food allergies when he was younger have left him with a serious food phobia and his diet consists of three basic items and not one of them is a veggie or a fruit for that matter. His eating habits break my heart and I am relentless when it comes to trying new things and exploring new options to open up his diet and his palette. A new book and a new puppet - I'll give anything a try - I am firm believer that 'anything is possible' too xx

  11. I hate brocolli! So that makes it rather difficult to get the kids to eat it! :)
    Glad you're enjoying your trip Leeanne :)

  12. The twinlets are actually really good with their veggies, especially broccoli and carrots.
    We mix them in rice along with some meat and they woof it down!
    We even managed to get them to have steamed silverbeet! High five's all 'round!

  13. Its very difficult to feed vegetables to my 5 year old. He is never ready to eat vegetables what so ever you do. So i always sneak in the pured vegetables in tomato sauce, homemade muffins, pancakes etc.So i would say i have to work hard to feed vegetables to my son.

  14. I have liked Super Sprowtz Facebook and told them that Cheer Chick Charlie sent me.

  15. I have liked Cheer Chick Charlie Facebook page and left a comment under the Super Sprowtz plug .

  16. What a fantastic idea - my kids will eat veges, just not cooked ones or any mixed with other foods - fussy blighters xx

  17. my children are impossible I have one child that will eat any vegetable you give to her and my boys well pull your hair out and scream nothing works ive tried everything one child will eat mushrooms if there that fine in spaghetti sauce you carnt see them they all eat veggie soup but with lots of lamb shank and barley that's the most veggies at one time they eat one child wont even eat tomatoes fresh cooked it doesn't matter so for us this can be a way of starting to teach them why they need to eat yummy veggies

  18. i have done all the requirements on all two pages and liked them and commented and shared on facebook and twitter i just loved reading this its great!thank you


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