Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 1231 - The Bestie

Today I get to wander through Central Park with my bestie.

Cathy and me in Central Park
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
Given she and I live on opposite sides of the world it doesn't happen very often, so when it does it is something to be treasured.  It wasn't quite a Sex and the City adventure, but it was a glorious day for a stroll in a unique city foreign to us both.  Neither of us have ever been to Central Park before (despite previous visits to NYC) so it was lovely to share this first.  Today I am grateful for besties, Central Park, blue skies, comfortable shoes, air travel and my trusty camera.


  1. How special! My bestie and I live 700km apart and I cherish simple things like this, made even more special by being in such an iconic park!

  2. How wonderful! So lovely that you got to catch up.

  3. It was a fantastic day! that my family and I will not soon forget....soooooo glad that we came into NYC...I think you and Derek have made regulars out of us...Miss you alreay Bestie!!!!


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