Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 1234 - Home coming

You know it's love when your head is in the clouds and your heart skips a beat.

In the clouds from Sydney to Canberra
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
The trip home is always the longest part in my eyes.  You feel so close, but yet so far.  By the time Derek and I boarded our final flight from Sydney to Canberra my heart was starting to skip a beat. I couldn't wait to see the kids and I was getting that fluttering feeling you get when you first fall in love. As we soared above the clouds on this blue sky day my chest was experiencing palpitations. It was the longest period I had ever been away from my babies and we were almost home.

When they assigned us to row number 2 I was excited, because it meant I would be one of the first off the flight and I could get to the kids that much quicker.  I almost burst into tears when I discovered they boarded (and "unboarded") us from the rear of the plane meaning we would be last.  Unshed tears of frustration quickly turned to unshed tears of joy when I saw their smiling faces at the bottom of the escalator.  It was a beautiful home coming and one of the best group hugs I have ever experienced.

The Deep Fried family - after spending two weeks apart
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
That home coming just got better and better when we arrived home to find that Mum had not only scrubbed the place from top to bottom, but she and Dad had also done a few repairs and handyman jobs around the place as well.

After marveling at how sparkly fresh our view seemed from the kitchen window, we realised it was because the windows had been cleaned throughout the entire house. Each one sparkled and shone as we walked through the house.  No longer were we looking through a dusty haze ....

Darby was very proud to share his finished bedroom make-over since Nanny had spent the last two weeks painting walls and furniture. Oh, and given the drawers didn't quite close properly on the IKEA bed Daddy and I had made, Poppy had disassembled it and done a rebuild so that it was now "square" and perfect.  Yeah, we suck at building furniture. Thanks Pop!

Every piece of washing was up to date with it all folded and put away, the beds were all freshly made and the fridge was full of food. While we were away Darby had been asking us what we wanted to eat on our first night back. After my 'most expensive steak in the world' experience and fake illness in New York, I of course said T-Bone! So he and Nanny had steak in the fridge waiting for us, as well as a full salad drawer AND some home-made caramel dumplings which he and Nanny had prepared earlier. Daddy and Tahlia cooked the steak on the BBQ while Darby and I prepared the salad.

All the pictures Tahlia had gotten for Christmas were now hung in her bedroom, as were Darby's new canvasses he got for his birthday.  Tune in for tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday to see those photos.

The kids school notes, our mail and my business stuff were all piled in neat orderly piles for us to peruse at our leisure, and all of Mum's receipts were in a nice pile and calculated so that she could see how she spent the money we had left her.

Oh, and Mum even managed to conjur up her inner Saint Anthony as the master of lost things and found Derek's misplaced Nike sunglasses (he'd bought them in Las Vegas and promptly lost them two months later), and the travelling wireless device we've been paying for but unable to use for the last three months. Bonus!

But the best part of all is that we came home to kids who had been well fed, cared for, loved and happy.  While we missed their first two weeks of the school year which included new teachers, time tables, subjects, assignment outlines, tutoring, cheerleading classes, a few Futsal games and Darby's swimming carnival, they were not disadvantaged. They had their very loving and active Nanny on board to attend to all of their needs as a very willing and heartfelt surrogate while I was on the other side of the planet.  To be honest I'm just not sure how I can possibly thank her for all that she does.

Yes, it was a very welcome home coming. A home coming filled with love, appreciation, happiness, relief and gratitude.  Our trip to the USA was amazing but as Dorothy says, there's no place like home. With absolutely nothing left to do but unpack, we snuggled on the couch as a family and just appreciated each other's presence.  And today .... well today I have given the kids the day off school so we can appreciate each other some more.  After so much time apart I think our reality can recommence tomorrow ...


  1. ohhh welcome home!!! It is true and a cruel irony that the trip home is the longest!!

  2. I only left my tribe for 24 hours, but remember that feeling coming home oh, so well!

    Hi from IBOT!

  3. welcome home!! for the record, I'm totally imagining your parents in super hero gear! My gosh! You might have to go away more often and get them to come in! ha ha! Your kids are very lucky to have such involved grandparents! That's what I remember growing up with - my grandparents were always buzzing around our house doing laundry, fixing things, looking after us.

  4. Welcome home! Must have made such a difference, knowing they were being so well cared for while you were away.

    How gorgeous that they did all of those odds and ends and bits and bobs.

  5. That went fast hey? I can almost feel that pain when you realised you were exiting the rear. I nearly didn't get in my flight on Sunday - we were on standby and all I could imagine was my 3 children waiting for me at the train station - GULP. Lovely to have you back :)

  6. Welcome home. Sounds like T and D would have had an awesome time with their Nanny and Pop.

  7. What an awesome homecoming!! Did it kind of make you think you should go away more often? ;)

  8. Ok I don't know where I've been for the past 46 years but THEY HAVE FLIGHTS FROM CANBERRA TO SYDNEY??! It's only 3 hours drive!!!

  9. That's just great. I read this post with a smile on my face. Mums can be the best can't they? I'm going to a conference on thurs night and mum's going to collect my poppet for school, look after her, stay the night and then together we are going to drop her the next morning and go to a show together. What would we do without them?

  10. Wow to awesome families! I was only away from my offspring for 5 days and it felt like forever!
    Except Master 18 who was waiting on our doorstep after 6 months. ;)
    Glad you are home safe! xxx

  11. What a homecoming - I want house/kid sitters like that - takes all the stress out of being away. So glad you had such an awesome trip away - welcome home :)

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  12. Do you know Leanne, I love your short but sweet posts. I try and fail constantly to do the same sort of thing. Easy to read, leave a little thing or two to think about. Lovely.

  13. I just got home yesterday after being away from my girls for a week. It was my first time away from them. The first cuddle is the greatest. Rachel xx


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