Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 1236 - It's a mouse!

What to do when the wildlife comes inside?

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We are a very animal friendly family.  We do not kill spiders (unless they are deadly poisonous), we feed the birds, we feed the possum, we stop to help injured birds on the side of the road and remove turtles from oncoming traffic.  We straddle snakes and lizards to prevent them from becoming roadkill. We step over ants. We talk to cows and horses and sheep.  We even chatted to the squirrels last week in Central Park. I admit, we do kill mosquitoes and flies.  We pick up cockroaches in a tissue and take them to the outside bin. So we face a weird conundrum when we find mice in our home. They are not welcome, but can we actually bring ourselves to dispose of them mafia style?

Okay, so now I have a vision of a mouse in cement boots being thrown into a fish pond by his tail.

Yesterday as I sat at my desk doing all things "desky" I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.  A quick turn of the head saw a little dark creature run from my kitchen to the lounge room.  It was either an enormous apocalyptic cockroach, a shoe that had come to life, or it was a mouse. My reasoning brain suggested it was indeed from the mus musculus species coming from the order Rodentia (I'm such a scientist! Yay Professor Googs).

So, I have a mouse in the house. With Doctor Phil's words reverberating in my brain - "for every rat you see, there are 20 you don't"- I started drumming my fingers on the desk thinking "what to do, what to do?"

I quickly face-booked my trusty pal Cathy in the USA. Of course I knew her answer. Kill it!! But I can't.  I can't kill it.  Kill it! She says again.  Rodents, vermin, plague, poo in the cutlery drawers were words she may have used.  Could I really kill a mouse?

Then I emailed Husband. We have a mouse! Well, you had better set a trap and then get rid of it.  No, you do it! No, he says, I can't kill it. But you're the man! I have no answer for you wife, I will not kill the mouse.  Bugger.

Then I rang my dad. Did Mum by any chance spot a mouse in our house while she was here? I doubt it, he says, or I would have heard about it.  I have a mouse. Oh, he says, get ready for a plague. Really? A plague?  He laughs.  If there is one in your house, there will be plenty elsewhere. Oh dear. I hope they don't start eating the 8000 Cheer Chick Charlie books I have downstairs.

Derek came home and I showed him the path the mouse had taken. He opened the door of the cleaning cupboard, and then moved a few cushions on the couch. Nothing.

We forgot about the mouse for a while. Derek was locked in the bedroom taking a teleconference and I was at my desk about to ring a client.

I started tidying my desk in readiness to take notes on the call which meant I needed to visit the kitchen bin with a rubbish deposit.  I opened the door under the sink and screamed blue murder as the mouse darted out, across my foot and into the dining room.

Derek quickly muted his call and came running.  The mouse is in the dining room! Let's surround him and encourage him outside. I opened the French door to the back deck, Derek pulled back the curtain and the mouse stood frozen on his back legs looking at us from his spot in the corner.  We marveled at his cuteness and then he bolted through the open door, across the deck and did a superman dive into the back yard.

We are a very animal friendly family.  We do not kill mice.  We found a nice friendly way to exit him from our living quarters.  But then Dr Phil's words keep coming back to me "for every rat you see, there are 20 you don't".  Shit. I wonder where the other 20 are hiding ...

What do you do when the wildlife comes inside? 

PS: I know someone how to kill critters to keep things under control and all, otherwise we'd end up with rodents ruling the world, but I'm just not going to be the one to kill them, ok?  


  1. We had a mouse in the house a year or so ago. I can't kill them either, but I sure as heck can't live with them. Bunnings had an environmentally friendly trap. looks like a rectangular seesaw, that balances open one end. You put peanut butter or something in one end and the mouse goes in, the little door closes and you take him outside to release him back to run free - hopefully not back inside. Worth a shot if you find another. They're small and inexpensive & hopefully do the job

  2. I dont kill things either I just send them to sleep ... for a very long time ... like forever. Sorry Im no help to you at all. Good luck!

  3. I am not a fan of killing mice, either, but have made the mistake of being "humane" and trying the catch-and-release program. Do you know what happened? The thing had babies. In a nest. In our lounge suite.
    My new policy? KILL!

  4. Hope he doesn't come back...Spiders and Snakes I'm fine with, but mice and rats I'm totally the '50's cliche, squealing on a chair...gross!

  5. I, personally, don't kill animals... Well, apart from cockraoches of course!!!

    But, I do have a dog, Great Dane, and a cat, that tend to looking after a neighbouring rat/mouse population! Jasmine (cat) will bring them into the house to show me her handywork, whilst Bronty, (dog) is more than happy to play with them by throwing them about the place with her mouth!!

  6. any rodent that enters our house does so at the peril of three dogs :)

  7. A cat? A trap to catch and release. A firm word in its cute little ear?

  8. If you can't kill them and they become a problem get a cat. Not just to kill the mice, but mice will stay out of a house that has a cat.

  9. If you can't kill them and they become a problem get a cat. Not just to kill the mice, but mice will stay out of a house that has a cat.

  10. Same here we don't kill things just cos' except for cockies - they are HORRIBLE and can live for days without their heads, they deserve to die. xx

  11. Surely mice are too cute to be vermin. Right?

  12. Oh man, having that thing scurry over my foot would've freaked me out!
    They're worse than cockies. For sure. Hands down!

  13. Argh, I hate mice with a passion. Fingers crossed we have never had one in this house!


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