Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 1238 - Saturday

What happened to my jet lag?

I can't believe we only arrived home on Monday.  Well, I can, on account of the piles of papers on and around my desk that require some serious attention, and the fact that I have a bunch of Cheer Chick Charlie merchandise laying on my couch from the Toy Fair. But other than that, I can't believe we've only been back five days.

In those five days I've signed on three new clients, had two cheer meetings, spent time with the gaming people working on the Charlie app, had a Cheer Chick Charlie pre-filming chat, had my nails done (sooo important), had lunch with a friend, done all of our USA washing, written my report, signed on to speak at an EA planning session next week and cooked, baked and spent time with the kids.  What happened to factoring in some time for jet lag?

I thought that perhaps Saturday would be a great day to schedule in some jet lag, but it seems I've over scheduled today as well.  We've got Cheer Chick filming between 9.00 and 11.30, I'll be working on the footage most of the afternoon, and then we're heading to the Royal Canberra Show tonight to check out some animals, cruise through the exhibitions, watch the horses and cars, grab a show bag or two and generally participate in all things "showy".  There is a window of opportunity between 3.00 and 4.00pm where I may just get an afternoon nap.  Yes, that sounds like a good time for some jet lag.  I'll schedule that in ...

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