Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 1243 - Calories

What the hell are calories anyway?

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I've never had to be a calorie counter.  To be honest I don't even really know what a calorie is other than you want your food to have fewer calories because the ones high in calories will make you fat. Correct?

Of course I have to keep an eye on my weight ... and there have been times when I've completely blown out (after pregnancy with child number one) and had to get very serious about my health.  But I've never had to sit and assess my calorie intake on a regular basis.

Having said that, some little bastard has gone into my wardrobe in the last few weeks and sewn my clothes tighter. Perhaps I brought a bunch of rogue calories home with me from my US trip?  You'd think quarantine would have had the sniffer dogs sort that out at the airport on my way in.  There's no place for them here in this land of Oz.  They need to bugger off.

I wonder if there is a way to humanely encourage them out the door like I did with that mouse*?

Helloooooo salad ....

*Update on the mouse:  He came back and started making a lot of noise behind our dishwasher for a day or two and then left.  He also left a lot of poo in my cupboard under the sink.  Not in my cutlery drawer though thank goodness! We bought one of those traps that are a see-saw type box so we can catch and then take him to the lake and set him free (far away from us) but we haven't used it yet. The reason being, there is of course more than one mouse. Mum found evidence of mice down in our storage and garage area   She found poo AND wee.  (How does one find mouse wee?) She went and bought rat sack ... I might not be able to kill mice but she sure can. She's our rodent warrior ... 


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