Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 1254 - Canberra Day

Happy 100th birthday Canberra! 

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My desk is in my lounge room with French doors to my balcony which sits high above the houses around us and has a view of the Brindabella Mountains way, way, WAY in the distance.  The perfect spot to capture a quick glimpse of Canberra's hot air balloon festival as these gas filled spheres form a giant sized bunch of balloons in honour of Canberra's 100 birthday.

Of course I would have preferred to be in Commonwealth Park this morning watching the balloons magically take form and float up to the heavens.

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Yesterday I pleaded* with my kids to wake at dawn** and come with me to the balloon festival.  To which they replied "do we get to go up in a balloon?". Um no. Not this year. Not unless you've paid a few hundred dollars and booked your flight a few months ago? "No".  Then no, we will not be going up in a balloon. "Then I don't want to go then."  Husband was not interested either on account of his early golf game.  I turned off my alarm.

There is a great big part of me that feels extremely guilty for not participating in Canberra's 100th birthday celebrations today.  We get a public holiday, it's a huge celebration and we live right here. The Australian Capital City will only reach its century once. I should be out there. I can see evidence of it in the distance but I won't be attending a single thing.  I'm clearly not a very "participative" citizen.

From midday until late today there is a bunch of stuff happening around Lake Burley Griffin. There is a whole website dedicated to it called One Very Big Day.  We won't be there. Instead we are spending our public holiday with a slightly smaller celebration (my niece's 13th birthday party) and our normal Sunday cheerleading has switched to Monday to allow for people to travel this long weekend.

The day has only just begun and I'm already feeling regret.

If you're in the ACT be sure not to be as boring as me and miss out.  Don't watch from a distance. Get on out there and blow your whistle, wear your party hat and shake some streamers. Canberra is 100! That's definitely worth a party.

That said, I feel the need to go back to bed.

*Pleaded is perhaps too strong a word.  I asked them.  Inside though I was pleading that someone would be as enthused by a dawn adventure to the the Canberra Balloon Festival as I was.  But I'm alone on that one.  

** As luck would have it we were awake at dawn anyway.  Not to attend fun things like balloon festivals but to clean up a trail of dog gastro which went the length of our hallway.  Charming.  Poor old Max is not at all well.  I have to be honest ... I'm not feeling the best either now that I've cleaned up after him.  

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  1. FIRSTLY, sorry to hear that the old puppy isn't well, and to wake up to that 'surprise' mustn't have been fun AT ALL!!!

    Happy Canberra Day!!

    As to not getting out there in the wee hours, it would've been good to see (I got to see them balloons at Parramatta Park on Australis Day), they are really quite an experience to see...

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of the day though!


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