Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 1247 - Chin hairs

What to write about when you've got nothing to write about...

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I'm thinking a lesson on how to pluck chin hairs might be a good topic for this piece of Deep Fried Fruit.  The best place of course is in the car because the rear view mirror highlights them perfectly.  The bathroom mirror hides the black chin hairs giving you a false sense of security, but the car doesn't have the same sense of protection. The mirrors in there seem happy to highlight the lady bear. Definitely the best plucking venue. Perhaps not at the traffic lights though because thirteen year old daughters don't appreciate that for some reason. Especially when the lights go green and the other cars take off all around you honking as you harvest your crop. Maybe she's the one that removed my tweezers from the console of my car? Hmmmm. Possibly ....


  1. Oddly - you're NOT the only person to have done this... My late wife Louise also was a practioner of 'chin hair removal in the car'!

    Out of interest though, hers was from a medical condition, a tumour on her Pituitary Gland that increased hormone levels (also caused us to go down the IVF route)... Have you seen an Endocrinologist at all by chance?

  2. I am actually having a hormone check soon. I doubt it is related though. After talking to loads of Deep Fried females it seems that chin hair is all part and parcel of the aging process :(


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