Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 1251 - Home Biz Connect

Do you work in your own home business?  Would you like to? 

Yesterday I attended the Home Biz Connect event in Canberra which I probably went to as a work avoidance tactic but which turned out to be just the injection I needed to get myself back on track from a Cheer Chick Charlie perspective.  Did you know how much FREE help is out there for small business in Australia?

When I first booked into the conference I thought it would be a bit of a seminar/workshop type deal with a small room full of people shooting the breeze about all things home office.  I was a bit taken aback when I arrived to an expo with booths set up by key Government departments, the National Australia Bank, and a bunch of other organisations.  And it wasn't taken aback in a good way ... I figured I was now entering the zone where someone was trying to "sell" me something or bore me senseless.  I wanted to walk away ....

However I looked at the program and thought that some of the speakers might be worth listening to. And at the very minimum I might get some good notes to pass onto clients.  So I stayed.

After emailing my husband from my phone saying "I'm already bored" I then started to perk up.  This stuff was actually interesting ... and much of what they talked about was FREE!

Did you know that the Australian Tax Office has a free mobile service where officers come to your home business to talk you through BAS and other home businessy taxy things?

Did you know that the Department of Broadband has a Digital Enterprise initiative now where they are not only helping but encouraging small businesses to get quickly up to digital speed, so they too have free events around Australia to help us get fully diggy savvy?

Here's some of the stuff that is available to home biz peeps like myself:

Home Biz Connect is a Business Enterprise Connect Australia initiative and is supported by the NAB and  Aus Industry.  They have a bunch of resources available for anyone wanting to set up their own business from home.

Aus Industry is an Australian Government Initiative designed to help build business. What I liked about them was that they had a help line which could be accessed via phone, email or chat. So if you had questions you could start a chat with their rep online and they would provide you all the deets in writing which you can then print out or email to yourself for further reference.  Including all the links. Note: these guys don't give you advice or tell you what direction to take - they just tell you where you can find the people who can help you move forward.

The Small Business Superannuation Clearing House is all about reducing red tape and compliance costs for small businesses when paying the super contributions. When I saw "superannuation" I thought YAWN but one thing I did pick up was that when it comes time for me to start this process, it doesn't have to be a "help me I'm drowning" type scenario.  They have an easy system which requires a mere five minutes of an employers time and can disperse funds wherever your employees want them sent.  Now, I don't have any (paid) employees yet ... but when I do, I am soooo using this service.

Canberra Business Point has already been super helpful to me and my Achieve Beyond and Cheer Chick Charlie business endeavours, They have provided advice, support and direction. They even hosted my Cheer Chick Charlie launch last year! I don't know if you have a government small business centre in your state, but if you do, be sure to check it out! Invaluable.

The Australian Tax Office has a Small Business Assistance Program and provides practical support using mobile and online facilities. The mobile option really perked up my interest (as much as tax can be interesting) because if I went online to work it all out my eyes would glaze over. Having someone sit in front of me may also make my eyes glaze over, but I guess I would be forced to focus and may not fall asleep with someone sitting in my lounge room.

Digital Business really perked me up considerably.  Apparently the Aussie Government really wants to help people getting tech savvy with their businesses to ensure they remain competitive.  So they are encouraging us all to keep an eye out for their seminars etc to assist us with our online presence.  As luck would have it Canberra Business Point are running one of their seminars next Tuesday night! Yes, I'll be there.

Ok, writing this post is really starting to bore me.  No doubt it has bored you too. But I guess the bottom line is there is a bunch of stuff available for people in home business and it's FREE! You've just got to know where to find it.

Do you run your own home based business?

Did you know all this stuff was available?  

Are you still awake? 


  1. Actually I didn't know this was available but I should have because I knew about that sort of thing from when I did business writing in Scotland. And I'm awake!!

    Running a proper small business would scare the pants off me, but it's great to know there is such a lot of help. I bet this is a post that readers will bookmark and come back to again and again as they set up their businesses.

  2. Yep I run a business from home AND I am still awake! I had no idea these were available....thanks!

  3. I had a small business a couple of years ago and this would have been a godsend! I am hoping to become my own small business again within the next few years and will defintiely check out these resources. Thanks for sharing - I doubt I would have found them otherwise. Rach xx

  4. This was not boring at all, but great information.
    I hope at some stage in the future to build a business once I get the blog under control and can focus on creating products to sell.
    Thank you!
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  5. Not boring at all - I love finding out this kind of information - it's always helpful to know that there are some resources out there who have an interest in small, work from home businesses.
    Thank you for the awesome share! x

  6. Love going to events with little expectations and coming out completely in a different frame of mind!
    Thanks for sharing such valuable info! I'm in the process of building my consultancy business and some other projects so all of this will come in handy!

  7. Wow... Being a mum, wife, and business owner I need all the support I can get! Especially when I'm 8 weeks away from having baby #2! Thank you for sharing!


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