Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 1253 - Jurassic Park

Replaying the classics ...

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Note to self: Don't watch scary movies with the kids right before bed (unless you are prepared to be up until midnight with the youngest patting him to sleep).

Derek has been on the prowl of late looking for some of the old favourite movies of our generation to share with the kids.  All of us enjoy a good action movie with a mix of comedy, family and thrill.  So last weekend we introduced the kids to Jurassic Park, and last night we progressed to Jurassic Park 2.

We all thoroughly enjoyed number one so it seemed like an obvious progression. Number one had us on the edge of our seats of course, but nothing compared to number two.  I think I may have been on tender-hooks more so than the kids! I was gasping and squealing so much that I upset the dog. He kept coming and sticking his head in my lap to see if I was OK. (Thanks Max.) I hadn't seen number two before so I was a bit surprised to see just how many people got eaten by dinosaurs in this one. And there was blood.  It was still done in family style but a style that could well be conducive to nightmares.

At around 9.20pm the kids went to bed.  Tahlia was relaxed. Darby not so much. He was up and down. He didn't want to admit that the movie was causing him anxiety, but I figure it must have been it.  He couldn't sleep and he was getting to that point of over-tired panic. You know the one where your inability to sleep stresses you out.  Yeah well, I know how he feels.  I get it too. Derek and I tried sitting with him, taking it in turns. We then tried reverse psychology telling him he didn't have to go to sleep and he could stay up with us and watch the footy Daddy had taped.  Another 45 minutes ticked by. Nothing worked. By around 11.30pm I was laying in bed with him stroking his hair and guiding him through a bit of a relaxation meditation visualising short green grass, lovely rolling hills, no trees, a few birds, some cows, sheep and horses. Where Jurassic Park had darkness and rain, we had light and sunshine. Where they had man eating creatures, we had lovely relaxed herbivores. Where they had forests of long grass and a thousand trees, we had short grass and bare rolling hills. I had him laying under a lone tree feeling the breeze (the fan was on) and looking at the clear blue sky through the branches.  Eventually he went to sleep. And so did I.  It was 4.00am before I crawled into my own bed.

So yeah, we've been replaying the "classics". Jurassic Park is definitely a classic.  We all enjoyed it immensely (especially Darby).  Not sure we should be doing it right before bed though.

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