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Day 1255 - Raider Publishing International: An Update

It seems a lot can happen in a week ...

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Since my soul-bearing post of last week divulging the upset of my publishing journey with Raider Publishing International, quite a lot has been going on which includes more contact from disgruntled authors, a group petition to the FBI, contact from an ex-employee and another Aussie author who was about to sign on the dotted line.  The plot thickens ...

Firstly, if you haven't read last week's post be sure to do so here.

Secondly, if you are an author who has had dealings with Raider Publishing, or if you are an author about to sign with Raider Publishing, feel free to email me.

After I signed off last week I got the most beautiful messages of support in comment form, email, text and phone calls which I am very grateful for. As emotional as last week's post was, it actually cleansed me from the sadness and put me back in fight mode which I think (on this occasion) is a good place to be.

When I wrote the post I thought that if I could save one other author from going through the same heartache I did, then I have done my job.  And guess what, I achieved that result. A fellow Aussie wrote me this email:

"Thank you for writing the blog on Raider Publishing. I too live in Australia and today I received an offer for a contract with Raider Publishing. Predictably I was excited ... I did some research and read conflicting points of view. However your blog opened my eyes to the reality ..... and I believe that you spared me a lot of potential heartache." 

Since my post I have had people from various corners of the world make contact with me to advise of their similar stories.  One man took four years to write his book and signed a contract with Raider last year.  Since he signed the agreement and handed over the money he has not been able to make contact with Raider and Adam Salviani is no longer responding to his emails.  In fact, this man's emails are now being "blocked" because of his insistence he get answers.

Geoff from Britain took Raider to court in the UK and won, yet still can't get his money out of them. In his words "they wont pay up they just hide in the USA like the cowards they are".
So he has created a Raider Victim's Support Group to help other authors (like myself) find avenues in which to get justice. If you would like to make contact with Geoff email me and I'll put you in touch. 

I also received an emailed letter in the last seven days from a couple in Western Europe.  Just like me, they too paid Raider for the "complete package" of marketing services to complement their books which includes E Book, Audio Book, author website, mass marketing etc etc. In their words Raider "violated their contract on many counts". They have since gathered quite a bit of background on Raider Publishing INCLUDING sending a family member to the Raider Bookstore in Suffern New York. (You will recall I made the decision not to take that trip when in NYC last month). Their investigator found that there HAD actually been a book-store but that its "premises had been closed and vacated, though empty bookshelves and books strewn on the floor could be viewed from a window on the street."  This couple are conducting an independent check for more precise details on this "vanishing act". 

I think by far the most interesting contact has been with an ex-Raider employee*. She and her team had proof read manuscripts for Adam.  She pulled the plug on their partnership when payments from Raider were coming in later and later (putting severe stress on her finances) and when she realised that authors were paying for editing and she was only being paid for proof reading.  She also became aware of other disgruntled employees.  She too has a book with Raider Publishing International and has experienced the same problems as the rest of us.  She's now leading the charge ...

I posed the question to her "do you think this is a scam or a business that's gone bad?"  Her reply was:

"I can't say for sure whether it was a scam from the start or just seriously bad running of the company that resulted in this mess. I am fairly certain, however, that Adam thinks if he ignores us for long enough we'll go away." 

So as you can see, it's amazing what a blog post and a further scout around the internet can do when you find yourself in a spot of bother.  People like Adam Salviani are finding it harder and harder to escape their wrong doings.  

Over the last seven days a group of us have formed an alliance and with a lovely lady called Vanessa leading the charge we are filing an international petition against Raider Publishing International via the FBI (IC3).  Raider may be able to step over each of us as individuals but it will be tricky to barrel through a group of us with the FBI at the helm.  Who knows, we may get our money back after all and he may just get shut down. Hell, let's throw some jail time in while we're at it ...

 As Vanessa's email tag-line appropriately says "where we're standing right now, in the ruins in the dark, what we build could be anything."

So there you have it! It seems a lot can happen in a week!!

And a lot can happen with a unified force.

Thanks again for listening ...

As stated above, if you are a victim of Raider Publishing International, please email me to join the team fighting to get our book rights returned. 

*She has never met Adam face-to-face as she did contract work.  As with most of us, she is conveniently located off-shore which seems to be Mr Salviani's preferred method of operation. She too thought he was actually located in New York City (as per her comment on my post of last week). 


  1. I am so pleased to read this. I mean, not that it had to happen of course.. you know what I mean.

    He probably never thought he could face jail time, I hope he gets held accountable and everyone gets back their money.

  2. Gosh Leanne that is all just terrible. Yay for the power of a blog post though. I hope that Adam gets what he deserves.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  3. So sorry to hear of the bad stuff but I am glad to hear of authors following through and chasing down the bad guys.

    The publishers are supposed to pay the authors - end of story!! It may not be a lot, but at least the money ought to flow in the right direction.

    So annoyed for you!!

  4. That is such great news that you have been able to help others and maybe if you all join forces will be able to get some action - good work!!! I'm a believer in making people accountable. Em x

  5. Wow Leanne, what a tale (I read last week's post as well). Good for you for pursuing and preventing other people from becoming victims. At some point, whatever the outcome, I hope you can leave it all behind you and have wonderful success with Charlie and even this, your first book.

  6. Oh mate, what a sad, sad story. I can't believe people are just such big fuckwits to do this kind of thing to people.

    I am so glad to hear that you are finally getting somewhere with action, although also sad that there are so many people that have been scammed and negatively affected by this, it's just disgusting.

    As someone who works in the publishing industry, this just pisses me off so much and it makes a mockery of the small publishers out there who do the right thing and do a lot for their authors.

    I hope you're able to get this resolved one way or the other and get some kind of happy ending out of the whole mess. If nothing else, karma will be coming for that bastard in a big, big way!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  7. If anyone can kick these guys into action its you! At least you know your not alone and safety in numbers and all that, so hopefully something can be done about these guys before more join their list.

  8. Good on you for putting it out there Leeanne! It must feel kind of bittersweet, knowing your not alone, but that others have suffered too.
    Hope that together, you get some action

  9. Aww I really hope this all works out for you and they catch the tricky people who are screwing people over. I find nothing worse than those who use peoples dreams to break them :( I hope it was just bad running and not a scam and I hope everything works out!

  10. It really does pay to not be too excited and really look into all options when you go into these things. thanks for the timely warning!

  11. glad to hear people coming out of the woodwork to unite against this. it must be stopped! i'm sorry you are all going through it but glad none of you are going it alone now. x Aroha

  12. Good luck! I had a feeling that last post would generate something special. xx

  13. I read all the related posts through and I can feel your heartache. This Adam needs to be held accountable. Writing books is hard work and if his business is going down at least be brave, don't be coward and man up. Will share this through my social media and I hope someone US based will finally take him to jail!

  14. Leanne, after last week's post I was so disappointed for you! Hopefully this may lead to some positive action.


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