Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 1257 - A cold

This post is written with tissues in hand, Vicks at the ready and comes with additional eye baggage.

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I've just returned from a one and a half hour business directions meeting dragging my son along with me. We are both looking and feeling a bit the worse for wear.  Head colds. Nothing major.  Brain like mush ...

I've got a telephone meeting in half an hour, and a Skype video call to the USA a little later.  Plenty of time to lay down and let the cold take hold.  Just got to somehow maintain my fit and fabulous title and look somewhat professional. How will I manage that?

A quick Deep Fried "how to guide" on looking relaxed and in control (while sneaking a rest) when your head is full of gunk:

(1) throw on some relaxed fit jeans and a "one size too big" t-shirt,
(2) wear some nice silver hoops in ears
(3) tie hair back in a neat pony tail,
(4) dust your face with some mineral foundation and brush some bronzer on the cheeks and eye lids
(5) add some lip gloss
(6) grab your ugg boots
(7) make a cup of green tea with lemon
(8) put on those reading glasses you don't actually need, to hide the eye luggage
(9) take up prime position on the lounge
(10) watch some Real Housewives with the mute button handy.

Voila! Still looking fit and fabulous while being completely fatigued. No one on the other end of a phone nor other end of a computer will know the difference!

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  1. Nothing worse than a head cold. Hope you feel better soon.


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