Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 1260 - On the bedside table

Question: What does a Deep Fried woman of the world read?

Deep Fried Fruit - the reading list
Answer:  Anything and everything.  

This is the pile that is currently on my bedside table.  All of these books have either just been read or I'm in the process of reading them. Yep, each and every one of them.

They should actually be sitting beside my bath, because that's where most of my reading gets done.  In the bath, in bed, on the beach or by a pool.

You'll see a bunch of titles in there.  Do any surprise you?

Unchartered TerriTORI - Tori Spelling
It's no secret that I am a big Tori Spelling fan. I am an adolescent of the 80s, early 90s so Beverly Hills 90210 was a staple. But since then I've become quite the fan of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, sTORIbook Wedding and everything else with TORI in the title.  Why? Because she inspires me.  It's that simple. Here is a woman who has created a brand while juggling marriage and a family.  Reading her story encourages me forward.

Like a Virgin - Richard Branson
I also get a great deal of encouragement from reading Richard Branson.  From the struggles of his beginnings to the enormity of his presence, all with a sense of adventure and an environmental mindset.  He's a great business coach.

Kris Jenner and all things Kardashian - Kris Jenner
That Kris Jenner book may surprise you.  I'm really intrigued as to how she built such a huge brand. For me it's a bit of a "how to" (and a whole lot of a "how not to") guide.  Riveting stuff.

Cheer Chick Charlie, Book Four, Competition Time - Leanne Shea Langdown
Reading my own Cheer Chick Charlie book is important right now as I set about writing book number five.  I need to get a feel for my writing style again and re-awaken the little cheerleader in my heart.

Booky Wooky 2 - Russell Brand
Russell Brand is a bit of a tough one.  Seriously.  He cracks me up much of the time but I'm finding his book a bit tough to take.  Firstly his writing style is extremely verbose and somewhat "flowery" (for want of a better description) and that combined with the subject matter is a little daunting ... I'm finding being inside his mind quite a weird place to be. I don't necessarily like the man. Nor his morals (or lack thereof). But there is no doubting his ability to make a person smile. I will continue reading ... I am nothing if not committed.  And it's fun to read in his accent ...

Under the Duvet - Marian Keyes
Marian Keyes is one of my favourite chick lit authors so reading her real life story is kind of fun. It's not a biography, but rather a book of her writings that have appeared in newspapers and magazines over the years.  They are snippets of her life. It's inspiring to know that she has gone through the same challenges as most authors.  It's not a book that is keeping me interested in one sitting though.  I'm just reading a chapter here and a chapter there when the mood suits.

Summer and the City - Candace Bushnell 
I read Summer and the City in two days.  Husband brought it home from "Trash and Treasure" for me last week and I couldn't put it down. I was a late comer to the whole Sex and the City phenomenon but even though I was ten years late, it entertained me as much as the next person.  Summer and the City is the prelude to SATC giving us an insight as to how Carrie came to be in New York and how she met Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.  It was a fun little adventure.

The Tools - Phil Stutz and Barry Michels
"The Tools" is something hubby gave me for Christmas.  It's a resource book I use for clients.  Just another perspective on how to help people achieve their goals.

Passport to the Soul
And finally, that teeny tiny book up on top - "Passport to the Soul" - it's a little book of thoughts.  Mum had given it to me one year for mother's day.  I'd forgotten about it but it magically appeared when I returned from New York.  My guess is it had fallen behind my bed and my mum had found it as she vacuumed.  Sometimes I'll open a page and that will be my thought for the day.  Today's thought: "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." (Lao Tzu). Hmmmm. Interesting ...

So there you have it.  The Deep Fried reading list!

What's on your bedside table? 

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  1. The books I have on my side table is, "We Need To Talk about Kevin" which is a difficult read, as it keeps going between current and past tense, and also about a son, Kevin, who is in trouble... He is the son of a one night stand, from what I can make out, and the parents do not get along I think... Its a crime related story, yet suspense at the same time...

    The other book I have, is an autobiography from disgraced Detective Roger Rogerson - who was in Louise’s great aunts pre-school MANY years ago. it is actually a very good read! He recalls stories and locations, of which were near my school at the time when I was there, so it has a bit of 'memory currency' to me! AND, my mate from school actually knows him as well!!


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