Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 1262 - How to create a Great Blogger Facebook Page

Deep Fried Fruit has taken a dive and gone all Facebooky ...

At the insistence of my Deep Fried Fruit Branding Consultant (aka daughter number one, aka Chelsea) I have  finally allowed Deep Fried Fruit to complete the whole social media swag-bag by creating a Facebook page. I've been resisting for years because quite frankly it was just another thing I would have to manage.  But as more and more products ask me for my press kit, and therefore more and more opportunities arise to bring DFF into the Leanne Shea Langdown business model, it seems Facebook is required. So I've done it.  You can find the Deep Fried Facebook page here. 

Now that I have it, what the bloody hell do I do with it?

I've got a Facebook page of sorts for my Achieve Beyond business (I really don't promote it though), and I have Facebook for Cheer Chick Charlie (which is a big part of Charlie's content marketing campaign), so you'd think I'd know what to do with the new Deep Fried Fruit Facebook page.  Chelsea has a bunch of ideas of course, and has offered to help me manage it (thank you Chels).  But I really need to get a handle on it myself ... and find a way to work the page with minimal impact on my time.

Any tips?

Last week I attended a free seminar put on by the Australian Government Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy which was all about helping small business get on board the digital enterprise bandwagon.  This particular seminar targeted Content Marketing as the theme for the night.

They gave us lots of tips and tricks on how to get fully immersed in social media to promote business (I was there to get ideas for Cheer Chick Charlie) and offered some specific advice on how to organise your Facebook page.  One method was to treat your Facebook page as a magazine.  Not a magazine based on advertising dollars or trash talk, but rather a content based magazine that combined handy hints, feature stories, quality content, advertising and a picture gallery.  The example they gave was "Women's Health".

Here's what you do:

  1. Buy a magazine that you feel closely resembles the feel of your blog/Facebook page
  2. On an A3 piece of paper draw up a magazine layout template (see picture below)
  3. Copy the content ideas from each double magazine page to your template (eg advertising on one side and article with top 5 ways to "blah blah" on the other)
  4. Once you have worked through your magazine brainstorm how to now copy their ideas/outline with your content.
  5. Every template rectangle gives you a new idea for your Facebook page or blog.
  6. Swap some of the picture content with videos (using Buzz Card and You Tube) or slide shows (using Slide Share) to make it more interesting. Using these apps also gives you more social media exposure and speaks to people in different formats which may better resonate with them.
  7. After six months or so you can even throw all the content you already have into Google Currents to create your own on-line/digital magazine!  

Magazine Layout sheet

So there you go.  There's one tip on how to get quality content for your blog and Facebook pages.

It doesn't necessarily address the idea of being time poor, but it does give us a strategy.

Do you have a bloggy Facebook page?

How do you get content for that page?

Any tips or tricks you can share with the Deep Fried people of the world?

Feel free to pop over to my Twitter account and Facebook page to follow me and see this whole magaziney approach in action.  When I start it .... (sigh) .... got to find the time to do the whole template thing first! 

Oh, and don't forget to enter the draw to win the cool DVDs from Warner Bros.  


  1. Thanks for the tips - I'm still struggling with twitter! Ha!

  2. some good ideas there. i'd say linking up with Grace's facebook lovin' sunday would be a good idea, too! I don't have a FB page for my blog, but I do have one for my photography but haven't been doing much to promote that, either. I need more content to load on to it first to start really promoting it. -Aroha #teamIBOT

  3. I do have a facebook page for my blog and I do struggle with it. I don't really know what to do with it and rarely post extra stuff on them. I just promote my blog posts on them which I have since learned is not the best idea as it does not have a good reach anyway. For now I am just busy with the blog and have shoved my FB page to the back of my brain in the "too hard" basket lol.

  4. I really must do more with my FB page. I really dislike FB so it's a bit tricky when I have so much more fun on Instagram!

  5. I've got a FB Page for my blog also, although I find that I struggle to post to it too. Haven't quite figured out why though...

  6. Thanks for the inspiration Leanne! can always do with some fresh tips to manage my page - maybe you could do Part 2 and link up with Mama Grace's Facebook Loving Sunday page at With Some Grace - prime group for inspiration - thanks again, Pip :)

  7. Use Network Blogs to cross post (automatically) to it... Its a small start, but have to start somewhere!!!

    Facebook is blocked here (work) but I shall go and have a look tonight when I am at home!!

  8. I used to use network blogs to automatically post my blog posts to FB, I stopped it, and I can't remember why!

    My page is a bit sparse, I struggle with not wanting to bore people or bombard them with too much 'stuff'.

  9. This is a GREAT post as I (like everyone else it seems) is struggling big time to make Facebook work for my blog. I didn't expect it to be difficult as I'm a big Facebook user in my personal life so I thought it would work just the same. Obviously I have found out that this is not the case so I love the idea of thinking of my page like a magazine. Woohoo Facebook love here I come :)

  10. I love the idea of thinking of my blog's FB page as a magazine ... but then I'm a magazine junkie from way back, even ran one myself for 15 years!

  11. very interesting approach with the magazine - will keep an eye on your FB page for inspiration ; )

    i have a fb page and it became a lot of work - i pulled back a tiny bit so i could be there less, but more focused when i am

  12. I post my blog posts to my facebook page, and occasionally do other more informal updates that wouldn't necessarily be worthy of a post on their own. And I also share other people's stuff on there cause it's nice to spread bloggy love - but I try not to do it too much as I worry people will unlike or hide me if I bombard them with stuff for stuff's sake...

  13. I have a page which I initially set up for another venture that has gone by the way side. I enjoy sharing things that represent my likes and the type of things I blog about. I have been in battle with Facebook about changing the name to match my blog and of course I lost, so I have just recently started a new page and will go through the whole building sharing thing again, but I enjoy it.

  14. Thanks for the tips, I seem to just post random updates on my life, but perhaps I should start. I'm a bit like Danya though - I HATE it when people put heaps of crap on their FB page, and I don't have time to go and HIDE all their feeds, and also cos I might miss out on stuff if I do! Em

  15. I am still struggling. I promote my blog posts mainly, but have a hard time with the rest. I am not that into posting questions or telling people about what my child said that day. So, I don't put too much on there.
    I may have to try your tip on the magazine style brainstorm. That sounds more up my alley.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  16. It can't hurt, I suppose. Hello! I haven't seen you in ages! xx

  17. This is something I have been thinking about. I have resisted to date because quite frankly I don;t have the time but I don't really think I have a choice anymore.
    This is a timely article and I am off to check your FB page for inspiration!

  18. Great tips here! I had never really had a plan with my facebook page - its where I have conversations with my readers.

  19. I'm starting to have a love-hate relationship with FB - but since most of my readers live there, I need to keep working on making my page better for them - have liked your page and followed on twitter!
    Josefa from #teamIBOT

  20. Firstly welcome to FB. My mrsdplus3 page is only a few months old and I have to admit I'm pretty random with my posts.but I have noticed I get the most ,views, when I post pictures and personal stuff.

    Love the magazine idea.thanks x

  21. I have a facebook page but while I have followers, engagement is quite low and I have been struggling to work out a way to make this better. I do like this magazine idea - I will be following the progress of your page with interest!

  22. I really appreciated this post! Some great tips and I'm really enjoying all the comments here as I feel I've gone a bit 'back to front' with the FB page.
    I set up the FB page in another name 'mumma'sboy'smumma' to connect my mumma and papa friends so we didnt have to talk about kiddy stuff on our personal profile. I've since launched my very own piece of blogosphere under a different name 'mummawoosah' (in the past week!) and am really struggling with how I use the FB page....much like @Josefa Pete - a real love/hate relationship as yes, such an engaged, active community on Fb! Have liked your page!

  23. Yes I do this for my clients' pages. I created editorial calender that will direct me what to say on which days. It helps a lot. Especially because I am able to incorporate the materials with the other social media. It is so much fun! :)

  24. I have created Facebook page for my blogs, unfortunately I have not managed it well, so it is now like nobody is interacting or talked about it. Your tips is worth to try. Thank you.

  25. Great tips - how do I get to hear about these seminars, they sound really useful? Thanks for this post. Very inspiring. Kimx


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