Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 1265 - Crying for crying's sake

When the floodgates open ...

Patricia Heaton - Plays Debra from Everybody Loves Raymond
There's an episode on "Everybody Loves Raymond" (Season 4, Episode 20) where Raymond takes the kids out for the day and leaves Debra with the house to herself.  He pops back home briefly to check in on her and to his dismay he (peering through the window) sees her sobbing on the couch.  Is she watching a sad movie? No, the TV is off. She has a box of tissues and she's crying.  Typically Raymond thinks he's done something wrong. He assumes he's the cause of the flood gates, and it takes the rest of the episode for him to discover that sometimes people (particularly women) just have to cry for crying's sake.

Yesterday, like Debra, my flood gates opened, and stayed open much of the day. Yesterday I had to cry for crying's sake.

After watching the movie "Won't Back Down" (see yesterday's post) and sobbing all through it at dawn, it seems I had released a valve that may have been a bit jammed.  I cried on and off for much of the day.

I wasn't crying about anything in particular.  And there's no need to worry.  I'm not depressed.  I quite simply had to let a few tears out just to release some built up emotion.  Nobody saw me. Like Debra I cried alone on the couch. Whether it be stress, anxiety, excitement, worry, nerves, fatigue, fear of the unknown, decisions to be made, being outside my comfort zone, or all of the above, there was a whole bunch of stuff inside me needing to get out.  The movie triggered it, so I just went with it.  In between cries I got on with life (including attending a meeting) smiling, laughing, doing what needed to be done.

I honestly believe that we could all benefit from crying for crying's sake once in a while.  We could even refer to it as "scheduling a break down".  Taking the time to cleanse from all the built-up emotion in our own time, in our own space, and on our own. Perhaps letting out a bit of that pressure might mean that we keep our resilience up for the times when we need it. By getting the tears out now, we might be able to retain some strength later.  There may be less chance of us imploding/exploding in public or at times when a clear head and a calm heart might be a more productive option.

I don't know, but I do know that today is a brand new day and there is not a tear in sight.  Today feels more like a happy dance kind of day.

Do you cry for crying's sake?

What are your views on "scheduling a break down"?

At the end of the Everybody Loves Raymond episode, Raymond tries doing the whole "scheduled crying" thing.  He doesn't find it quite as easy as Deb.   He decides instead to dance.

Yep, that'd work too.

Today is the last day to enter the draw to win not one, but TWO Warner Bros movies.  "Now is Good" which I reviewed last week, and "Won't Back Down" which triggered my crying fest. To enter the draw simply tell me one thing that is on your bucket list.  You can leave a comment below, on yesterday's movie review, last week's post, the DFF Facebook page, by PM, text, email or twitter #DFFNowisgood. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Happy crying peeps!


  1. I don't think I do cry for crying sake except in movies. I quite like to be manipulated to cry (Jackie Chan's kids movies always have some over emotion scene with bad motivational music that brings tears to my eyes)...

  2. I do think we need crying for its own sake - sometimes I'll just listen to a certain song on repeat and the waterworks flow. I blog at yinyangmother, so to me having a good cry is very much about bringing ourselves back to balance by letting the tears flow. We appreciate happy because we've been sad, we make room to let in when we let go. And other than that I'm just a sop!

  3. An excellent observation, Leanne!

    I agree, it does wonders.

    SSG xxx

  4. From time to time I do have a bit of a cry if I am feeling a bit under the weather, husb has been known to ask me whats the matter and I have to say I don't know, just having a bit a weep. Sometimes I just need a good hug and I am all better. I agree crying can definitely help to let it all out. x

  5. I did that one day - I thought it was only me who did it! Pleased to know that I am not a freak!

  6. Yep, I totally get that! Sometimes you just gotta let it all out! Wash your world with tears and its always a little bit shinier and clearer afterwards.

  7. A good crying fest can sometimes make you feel so much better. I get annoyed at myself for getting so worked up over something, but letting the tears flow has a healing/releasing effect for me. :)

  8. Whenever I hear a song on the car radio, and it brings a little tear to my eye, I purposefully pull over and let myself cry as much as I can. It is such a tension relief. I find I am a better wife and mother for it - I snap at my kids less because I've gotten the tension out in a harmless way. And if the wrong songs are on the radio - then I just watch Grey's Anatomy. :)


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