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Day 1266 - How to go from blonde to brunette

Apparently brunette is the new blonde!

Dakota Fanning - Image Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine
Thanks to the recent star studded events around the world, the trend to take light coloured hair darker has emerged, as seen on many starlets. Want to know how you can do it yourself?

Well, of course you're not going to take advice from me.  I am no hairdresser, that's for sure (just ask Darby the number of times I have tried to use clippers on his hair and then had to run screaming to the hairdresser to help fix up the holes in his head .... those occasions are scaringly numerous). I do however dye my own hair with a little help from my friends at Nice'n Easy, so they have very kindly offered my readers advice on how you can join the darker fashion trend.

Jessica Biel - Image source: Cosmopolitan Magazine

The transition from blonde to the light brown and chocolate hues is well suited for the cooler months that are just around the corner, so whether you're thinking about taking hair a shade or two darker, or dramatically changing it, you may want to check out the tips below from Nice'n Easy expert colourist, Belinda Jeffrey.

Nicole Richie - Image source: Cosmopolitan Magazine

When going darker, Belinda recommends considering the following:

  • Tonal variation: “When going for a dramatic change, hair always looks healthy and glossy if there is a variation in the tones of brunette. For example, the combination of chestnut, chocolate and mocha hues that have recently been seen on celebrities softens the skin and create a more natural colour.” 
  • Complexion: “Your complexion is the key to making the right colour choice. If you have an ivory or creamy coloured skin, you can be adventurous. However, if you have a pale pink-toned complexion choose neutrals such as ash blonde, ash brown or dark brown.”
  • Don’t forget eyebrows: “To avoid a mismatched look, have your brows tinted professionally or colour your eyebrows with a brow pencil at least 2 shades darker, as natural brunettes tend to have a strong brow which really complements a dark hair colour.” Eeek!! That reminds me - must get eyebrows redone this week.
  • Makeup: “Often a change in makeup is needed when hair has been dyed darker, for example a stronger eye, fuller lashes, eyeliner and contouring of face and cheeks can be needed to ensure you don’t look washed out.”
  • Care for your colour: “Help prevent colour from fading with a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for coloured hair”. 

Belinda has also suggested you might like to consider an in-salon gloss treatment to add shine, lustre and dimension to your hair.  She has also advised that before you make your decision you need to know that it can be very damaging to take your hair lighter again.  So be sure you're happy to stay dark for a while as hair will need to rest at least 3-4 months before colouring it again. Oh yeah, and if you don't really know if going darker is going to be right for you, then try on a wig first!  Too easy.

Hilary Duff - Image Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine
So there you have it. The official Nice'n Easy guide to going a few shades darker.

Did you know that I was actually as blonde as blonde could be? When I was a kid I was just like Darby but my hair got darker with age (as will his). Of course I now dye it.  Too grey otherwise! The hair on my arms, legs and face are still incredibly light (except for those pesky black chin hairs).  That's why I need to dye my eyebrows in. 

Did you also know that I went lighter for a while a few years back? But I found it too high maintenance.  Brunette is definitely the new blonde for me.  Glad the starlets are finally catching up! 

Deep Fried Fruit going from light to dark


  1. I think all those stars are so much more attractive with dark hair. But how come it is always a blond headed lady you see driving around in expensive sport cars?

  2. Every so often I think about going dark, maybe when I turn 50 next year. After 50 years of being fair, dyed blond sometimes and sunbleached other, it's be a big change.

    At the moment I am not colouring my hair at all as I have no grey... well, I must have somewhere surely but you can't see them. I thought I should enjoy that and save cash!

    Excellent to have some good genes amongst the many dodgy ones!

  3. And you look hot darker, as well. xxx


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