Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 1270 - Jibbitz

Interestingly ... Crocs are my role model ...

I do not like crocs. I do not want them, I do not wear them, I do not understand them.  I am absolutely gob-smacked that they even sold one pair let alone have continued to sell them for all these years. They baffle me. What does impress me about them though is Jibbitz.

Jibbitz is actually a motivational words of sorts.  The whole concept of Jibbitz has become a bit of a role model for me.

What are Jibbitz?

Jibbitz are the decorative thingimos you use to try and pretty up your crocs. I say 'try' because no matter what embellishments you put on rubber shoes there is no way to make them attractive.  Huge apologies to all those five year old girls out there wearing their freshly fancied up clogs.  You really are beautiful, I just don't love your shoes*.  But I do love Jibbitz.

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The reason Jibbitz are so motivational for me is because a mum invented them and made a squillion dollars in the process.  She was feeling a bit frazzled by the fact that her daughters refused to wear any shoe other than a Croc (hell, that would frazzle me too) so she created ways to try and make them appealing (again I use the word 'try').  So that they would go with their dresses she would use buttons to add a bit of art to the whole situation.  People started to ask her to make embellishments for their kids Crocs.  Seriously, why are all these people wearing Crocs in the first place?  Soon enough she was running a small business from home and with the help of extended family she started to put her Croc decorations in local shoes stores.  Apparently (and I am straining my brain to remember the story correctly) one of her kids was at the public pool (or something like that) wearing her decorated Crocs and a man approached her asking who had done that to her shoes. That man was Mr Croc himself.  Now in my mind he met with the mum, they signed a few contracts, she sold her Jibbitz idea for $20 million and was retained as CEO of the Jibbitz division.  And the rest is croc-a-dilly history.  And apparently that's kind of how it went.  Although it wasn't quite that quick, nor easy. There was a whole lot of work and heaps of success in the lead up to that sale.

The bottom line is that Jibbitz is a highly successful Croc spin-off and it all came from one Mum's idea.

So yeah, I find it a very empowering story.  And if ever I need a pick-me-up or a spot of inspiration I just say that one word - "Jibbitz" - and I'm off and racing again to create my brand.

Who knew that ugly old Crocs could be so inspiring? 

Makes you just want to run out and buy a pair, doesn't it?

* Writing this post has been somewhat cathartic and I am thinking that perhaps I am starting to like Crocs after all. There's something inside me that is starting to see the appeal.  I may even have to buy myself a pair.  
Bahahahahahaha.  Don't be ridiculous.
I guess Crocs won't be sponsoring this Blog then?   


  1. Help your spam filter ain't working! I am the opposite, I love crocs but not the Jibbitz. But the story of the Jibbitz is a good one, I didn't know it so thanks for sharing. All summer I wear Crocs flip flops and love them madly!!

  2. Ummm. Confession time. I have both Crocs and Jibbitz. Multiples of both.

    They're perfect for going to the pool. I love them for utility rather than appearance.

    SSG xxx

  3. Step away from the crocs Leanne! I cant stand them they look like they should only be worn boating or climbing over rocks!


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