Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 1272 - The First Baby

Do you remember how you felt a month before you gave birth for the very first time?

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Chelsea is due to give birth to her first child in one month.  Wednesday she had a doctor's appointment and realised that she could actually give birth any day now.  She and Pat have had a moment of clarity in that the due date hovering on the horizon is just an indicator, and while the rest of us Langdowns always went late, there is always a chance that she might go early.  She is about to have a baby.  Any day now she will be a mother.

I have been sitting here racking my brain trying to remember how I felt a month before I gave birth to Tahlia.  That was too long ago. I can't recall. I distinctly remember how I felt week the before, the day of, and a week after the due date.  I just wanted it over with.  I was 100% fed up with being fat, immobile, with cankles and an inbuilt heater.  But I don't remember that feeling of "clarity" (as Chelsea calls it) when it first dawned on me that this was no longer about being pregnant, but about actually becoming a mother at any given moment.

Being ready for the birth of baby two was easy.  We knew the drill. But being a parent to baby one was a gigantic step into the never never.  I'm sure I must have been scared shitless.  I just can't recall ....

Do you remember that moment it dawned on you that this whole baby caper was real?

Any advice for Chelsea in these final weeks? 


  1. I was so scared. I was enormous and thought something that big couldn't possibly come out of something so small...and it almost didn't. I secretly wanted to have a ceaser or be unconscious. In the end, as we know, despite the complications, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting...

  2. Hi stopping by from FYBF.

    First time I was excited but of course had no idea what I was in for. The birth is only 24's the next 40 years that you really need to be thinking about, when you are having a child. But no one can tell you that.

  3. For me it dawned 7 weeks before the due date, when I started to go into labour early! Thankfully we were able to stop things though
    It's such an amazing time for so ,any reasons though isn't it?

  4. I remember being sick of the waiting. Couldn't do anything, couldn't go anywhere. But now looking back on it, I should've just made the most of that "absolutely nothing" time.
    Because gee, all systems are definitely go, go, go now!

  5. My advice:sleep,rest and put your feet up
    I haven't been able to put my feet up for six years!

  6. My advice:sleep,rest and put your feet up
    I haven't been able to put my feet up for six years!


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