Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 1273 - Happy Birthday Derek

Today is my husband's birthday ...

Which means for the next week he gets to rule the roost (as birthdays last a week in our house).

We're at the farm so last night Mum spoiled him rotten with a seafood dinner (befitting of Good Friday), apple pie dessert (made by Tahlia) and for morning tea today we will be having chocolate cake (thank you Darby).

Given it's Easter I 'm deferring some of his birthday celebrations, which includes a birthday shopping trip, until next weekend. But for today I will make it the day I give gratitude for the man of the moment.  He is patient, he is kind, he is funny, he is smart, he earns good money, and spends lots of his spare time making extra "pocket money" on the side to take us on fabulous family holidays.

He hardly ever loses his temper, but when he does WATCH OUT!

He can be an absolute pain in the arse when he loses his keys five times a week, and leaves iPads, phones, mail, leather jackets and comics on the roof of the car (which end up on the street as we drive away) but he is ridiculously good looking which more than makes up for the empty ice tray.

He's a great Husband, father and friend.

Happy Birthday Derek!! We love you.


  1. Happy Birthday to Derek too! MHI does some pretty daft things too that drive me more than a little nuts but he gets away with it somehow.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  2. Happy Birthday to Derek!
    They definitely have their good points husbands do!


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