Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 1277 - Inspirational Mothers

I have an inspirational mother ....

Today is my Mum's birthday.  I already wrote about why she is inspirational on her birthday post last year.  I won't repeat it again other than to say she's as inspirational today as she was last year, the year before, twenty years ago and will no doubt continue to inspire me (to inspire others) for years to come.  My goal is to take her legacy of inspiration and pay it forward.

Happy birthday Mum! 

PS My Mum is not the least bit Deep Fried.  Maybe a little grilled, but not Deep Fried.  She seems far less Deep Fried than me in fact. Oh, and she makes amazing Easter bonnets.   


  1. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Mum :) Gee you both look so similar! My Mum turned the big 60 last week and she is a true inspiration to me. Gota love our Mums x

  2. Thanks to my beautiful daughter for the post.


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