Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 1278 - Bacteria on make-up

How many of you hold onto your old make-up?
Deep Fried bathroom drawer
I'm a make-up hoarder.  I am the one that holds onto the other two shades of eyeshadow in the little holder thingo, even though my favourite brown shades have run out, just in case I might use pink or grey on my eyes one day.  My drawer is full of make-up bits and pieces none of which ever get used again.  But for some reason I just can't seem to throw it away ... until today.

According to a popular women's magazine their survey shows that 80% of women keep make up past its use-by date (it has a use-by date?).  It seems that this isn't particularly healthy.  Woman's Day beauty writer Ashleigh Cowdroy warns "old, grotty make-up is jam-packed with bacteria, which can lead to blemishes, styes and skin infections.  Powders and foundations last up to a year, lipsticks 18 months, and mascara usually just three months."

Well then, given I have lipstick colours in my drawers from the mid 90s, along with old tubes of "almost gone" mascara that have been there at least six years, I guess I should really do a full dump of that make-up drawer up there!

Are you a make-up hoarder? 

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  1. Cleaned mine out this morning due to receiving beautiful new make-up cases for my birthday.

  2. I can't stand clutter so if I don't use a particular makeup item for more than a month or two it goes in the bin (or Miss 16 pinches it)!

  3. yes, and I still use it...I don't really believe this but I have had a rash and eyes swell up - then I chuck it..(I can still disbelieve in the face of proof).

  4. Oh yes! I have done it since I first started to use make up and haven't yet had any noticeable issues.
    With that said, I have known this to be a fact for a long time and finally decided a few years ago to do something about it.
    Unfortunately there was very little that got thrown out and the only reason it will in the near future is because I cannot close it :)
    Laziness or busy - take your pick!
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  5. I don't hold on to old make-up, throw it all out every few months as I have read about it not being good for you BUT I definietly have way more than I need (or use) like really how often am I going to wear sparkly eyeliner hehe, but it was soo pretty X

  6. I'm totally guilty of hoarding old make up. I even shipped it all from the UK here thinking I would use it at some point. I have now been here 10 months and it hasn't moved from where I placed it in the back of the drawer. Totally ridiculous. I must get rid, i didn't realise make up had use by dates.

  7. Oooops I am so guilty of this!! Looks then like an excuse to pop some new stuff into the shopping basket!! x

  8. I love make-up and have collected a lot over the years. I'm guilty of holding on to it for too long but when you find a favourite eyeshadow or lippy it is hard to throw it out, especially if it has been discontinued. V.


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