Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 1279 - Roomba

Would you have a robot in your home?

I would TOTALLY have a robot in my house.  And I do. Yep, for those of you who have followed me for the last four years would know that I adore my Little Ronnie Roomba.  I haven't spoken of him for years though .... until now.

You see, Little Ronnie Roomba was sick for a while. His battery just lost all its juice and wouldn't charge anymore so we had to get a new one. But to get a battery from the Roomba folks was going to cost us around $100, and being the scrooge that I am I couldn't cope with that sum. I could get two Colette handbags for that! I could get four pairs of shoes from DFO for that! That's two months worth of acrylic nails! So Roomba went into the cupboard and we forgot about him.  But then when I was having to physically vacuum again (albeit between cleaner visits) I was starting to get a little peeved. I missed Little Ronnie Roomba.

So Husband went scouting on the interwebs and found a Roomba replacement battery for around $25. Bargain!! And now our Little Ronnie Roomba is off cleaning a room a day again just like in the old days.

So, how does this marvelous little device work?  

He is advertised as being a vacuum but I would probably refer to him as a carpet sweeper rather than a vacuum.  He has a couple of little brushes under his body, plus some little dusting style ones out the side and a compartment to capture fluff, hair and dust.  All you do is place him in a room (let's say our bedroom), close the door and turn the "on" button. Roomba heads off on a zig-zaggy style trip across, and back, and across, and back, and around, and back, and along, and under, until every centimetre of flooring is clean.  Including under the bed! If his docking station/battery charger happens to be in the bedroom then he goes and plants himself back on his roost. If it's not then he just stops, turns himself off and waits to be retrieved.  All I have to do is clean out the catch tray, clean off his brushes and get him charged up to deposit him another room tomorrow.  If you have big spaces then he also comes with little portable infrared sensors that you can position around the place and they let off some sort of magic beam of light that Roomba refuses to cross which keeps him contained in a certain area.  He also can sense stairs and stuff so no chance of him falling from a great height to an ugly death.

So there you have it.  After a few years in a coma Little Ronnie Roomba has been brought back to life and is off doing his rounds around Langdown Lodge again.

I am a very happy camper.

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  1. "Kesney Chesney" as Nick used to call him when he was younger, has been in retirement for quite some time. The cost of the battery has held me back too.....I think I may need to pull him out of retirement as well....


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