Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 1280 - Legoland Hotel

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a real Lego house? 

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Nah, neither have I. However, I do see the appeal for kids in staying at the new Legoland California Resort!

It opened just yesterday and features pirate, adventure or kingdom themed rooms.  The kids even get their own specially designated area in the hotel room! Of course there is also Lego in each room to play with during the stay.  Every room at the Legoland Hotel includes a treasure chest that younger guests can unlock once they complete a special treasure hunt activity finding clues throughout their room.  Isn't that cool!

So if you're heading over to the USA and you've already spent wondrous days exploring Disneyland in LA and STILL need something else to excite you, then be sure to check Legoland out!  Then come home and tell me all about it.  I think it will be some time before I get over there again (insert sad face here).

Apparently there are Legolands in other places too including Florida as well as Malaysia, Denmark (I think) and Windsor.  Might be worth exploring!

Happy Saturday.

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