Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 1282 - Green Herring Resaurant

Saturday night dinner in a historic shack 

The Green Herring Restaurant Canberra
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
As part of Derek's postponed birthday celebrations we went on a date to the Green Herring Restaurant in Canberra's Ginninderra Village.  The restaurant is housed in one of Canberra's oldest buildings - a 150 year old slab hut. From the outside it didn't look possible that a kitchen and enough seating could fit inside, but once indoors we were welcomed by plenty of room with a lovely atmosphere of old world charm.

The Green Herring is probably not a restaurant we would have chosen on our own.  Our food tastes are far simpler and best suited to the local club. But I was given a sizable gift voucher from the cheerleaders last Christmas and it was about to expire, so that combined with Derek's birthday made it the perfect option for our Saturday child-free zone.

As we walked towards the building I wondered if my six foot five hubby would fit inside.  The hut is so tiny and I was sure he would spend the evening hunched over.  Not so! The outside appearance is a little deceiving and it was quite roomy once we entered.  Well, roomier than I had envisaged anyway.

The Green Herring Restaurant
(C) Deep Fried Fruit
Inside the Green Herring Restaurant
(C) Deep Fried Fruit

The menu boasts modern Australian cuisine so I was expecting some kangaroo options but luckily for Skippy there was no roo in sight.  I had the Harrisa spice chicken breast, roasted macadamia nut and herb pilaff rice and wilted greens served with a cinnamon creme friache.  Derek had the home made half moon ravioli filled with bug tail mascarpone and citrus zest sauteed in cointreau and asparagus.  We added some garlic and herb bread, as well as broccolini, beans, and rosemary and garlic chat potatoes on the side.  Definitely not a club meal! The good news is, that unlike many fine dining restaurants that serve minuscule meals, we actually left feeling fully satisfied so a drive through Maccas on the way home wasn't necessary. The other good news is that my $100 give voucher pretty much covered our entire meal with drinks (bar the tip).  So it's reasonably priced as well.

The Green Herring Restaurant - my yummy chicken dish
(C) Deep Fried Fruit 
In addition to the beautiful gardens surrounding the hut and the novelty of being in a building that is older than Canberra itself, I think what I liked most about the Green Herring was the service. From the moment we walked in the guy that owns/runs the place came and spoke to us himself, seated us and was at our beck and call all evening.  He seemed genuinely interested in who we are and was happy to share his story.  We felt like we'd made a new friend.

So that was date night! For more information about the Green Herring Restaurant and the history of the slab hut, you can head on over to their website.  You can also check out their menu. The fact that I've bothered to write about it means I would totally recommend it.

Derek surrounded by the Green Herring awards (on the wall)
(C) Deep Fried Fruit

Special thanks to the Good Shepherd Cheerleaders who gave me the gift of a lovely night out. 


  1. What an amazing building & restaurant. Glad to know that the food was so good and that you had a nice evening.

  2. I've always wondered what it would be be like there. Maybe one day I'll venture over to the dark side to try it out.


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