Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 1283 - Blah

For some reason this week I've taken a dive ...

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I'm tired, fed up, bored and I feel quite 'unenergetic' and 'unenthused'.  This is confusing to me. I need a blah remedy.

What's your blah remedy?

I've got plenty to do. I am just lacking the motivation to do it.

Is it because I was feeling unwell on the weekend and I have an illness hangover of sorts?

Is it because we are going on holidays at the end of the week and I've already shut down?

Is my (supposed) fibromyalgia setting in again?

Am I stressed?

Are my iron levels down?

Is it because my business stuff has hit a cross roads and I'm now at a loss as to what to do next?

Is it because I have a hundred things currently awaiting the action of others and I can't move forward until they do their bit?

Is it because the things I have to tackle myself are just getting too hard?

Is it because of my pesky ever-growing chin hairs?

Is feeling "blah" a sub-conscious avoidance tactic?

Is it because autumn has hit the ACT and I'm already sinking into the winter blues?

Is it because I'm old and Deep Fried?

Is it just because ....?

Am I asking too many questions?

I don't like this feeling.  I am the one that is paid to motivate and energise others.  I am the one that has tips and tricks and tools and techniques to get people out of their funk.  Who's going to get me out of mine?  Or should I perhaps just give into it and stay here?

Today I really want to just "go with it". I want to lie on the couch with a blanky and give in to whatever it is that I am feeling.  But I have clients I need to energise and teachers to talk to about parenty/teacher things today.  So somehow I have to liven up and put my party face back on.

I can go splat at the end of the week. Blah will just have to wait ...

Do you think the Ellens of the world ever feels like this?

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I guess they must.  Without the blahs of the world we'd probably start to take the good for granted.  Blahs are important.  I just wish we could schedule them a little better.

I know what Ellen would do. She'd dance.  So that is exactly what I am going to do.  I'm going to hang with Pitbull and Christina and just feel this moment.

What's your blah remedy?

Hope you have a happy blah-free Tuesday! 

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  1. It's frustrating when you have to put everything on hold. When I have a blah day I just do something and focus on something completely different.
    Usually a long run fixes the blah. Or just to turn up some awesome music.
    Hope you get out the blah soon!

  2. In my experience I'd say it's a combination of everything you've mentioned! Sometimes all you can do is ride out the blahs. Sometimes I go for a coffee, sometimes I go for a run, sometimes I do whatever it is I want to do - lay on the couch and watch TV all day! Hope you get to the end of the blahs soon and that all those things you're waiting on people to do happen quickly! x Aroha

  3. Blah days are hard. I think dancing and couch and blankie are too very good and effective options! Hope you get everything done and find some "me" time today - and have a great holiday at the end of the week xx

  4. Blah days are always frustrating, but sometimes it's our bodies and minds taking time to recharge themselves and we just have to go with it. They are the days when it's best to allow yourself to stay in your jammies, and read a book or watch daytime telly.
    Hopefully they are few and far between, but allow you to recharge and get ready for your holiday!

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  5. Sometimes on blah days I think "why fight it" and have a little nap, which usually makes things all better.

    But other days - when you've got stuff to do & can't have a nap - I say DANCE! A bit of Michael Jackson Blame it on the Boogie and the blahs are gone!

  6. I have way too many days like this and go through every single question you have posed to yourself here, except insert Food Chemical Intolerance with Fibromyalgia.
    I will be interested in the feedback you receive and see how it pays off :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  7. I don't have a remedy but I hate those Blah days. This too shall pass, I guess I try to just grin and bare the blah. And eat chocolate.

  8. Chocolate and coffee are favourites for the blah's. A visit to the gym with ridiculously loud music pumping from my ipod works wonders and I get some citrus oils into the burner - mandarin, tangerine and lemon - they are not called the happy oils for nothing. Hoping you find a little 'sunshine' through those dark clouds today. :)

  9. you know what, sometimes it is "Just Because". We try to find a bigger reason, but we're human, and we aren't perfect.
    Music is great, but you know what, sometimes you don't have to put your best face forward. People understand.
    I actually asked my Dr if HE was alright on a recent visit because he seemed 'not himself'. I think he was quite touched (as there was something going on for him).

    It's great to snap out of it, but it's not a big deal if you have a day of BLEAH

  10. I think too, when you've been really busy, and then suddenly stop (cause you're waiting on others or whatever), you kind of lose all motivation and just collapse in a heap. I know I get like that.
    I've been a little blah too lately. No idea why. Just cause :(

  11. Maybe all of the above... it's the end of term here in NSW and we are all 'bleh.' I always need to slow, slow down and just put one foot in front of the other.

  12. I had a massive case of the blahs recently and then a friend turned up at my work with a surprise for me - A raiders lime milk! I don't even remember how many years ago it was that they took it away but they are back and green milk is an awesome blah cure ;) Seriously though, hope your feeling better soon, it will pass xx


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